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Luxe Jewelry: Ignite Your Allure with Gemstone Lights

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Welcome to a world of vibrant hues and intricate designs straight from the depths of the Earth. Every gemstone has its own unique personality that captures light and color in dazzling ways. At Clear Givings Market, we curate only the most ethically sourced stones that align with our core values of sustainability, transparency, and honoring the natural world.

When you choose a piece of jewelry from our collections, you're embracing jewelry as a conscious form of self-expression. Our artisans handcraft each design to showcase the distinctive beauty of opals, amber, lapis lazuli, and other mesmerizing gems. Wearing these stones is a mindful act, appreciating their long journey from rough rock to polished adornment.

Join us on an exploration of jewel tones, meaningful craftsmanship, and our connection to the cycles of nature. Discover new favorites among our pendants, rings, earrings, and more. Clear Givings Market invites you to find the hues that speak to your soul.

Black Gemstones: Midnight Treasures

Dive into the enigma of black gemstones, where sophistication meets power. 

Adorn yourself and enthrall others with sustainably sourced midnight treasures designed to accentuate your mesmerizing eyes and graceful spirit. Onyx and  black diamonds not only enhance allure but magnify your presence. You champion beauty with purpose by choosing sustainable and ethically sourced black gemstones from Clear Givings Market. Elevate every look, invite admiration. Discover your true potential.

black diamonds

Blue Gemstones: Cool Azure

Wear the serene depth of the ocean and sky with blue gemstones - ethically sourced treasures that will illuminate your captivating radiance and beauty. Let rare blue sapphireaquamarineamazonite, and blue topaz bring out your eyes’ spellbinding vibrance. Command the tides wearing these eco-friendly blue gemstones.

amazonite earrings

Green Gemstones: Nature’s Jewels

Harmonize with nature’s restoring energy, treat yourself and mesmerize others with Clear Givings Market’s lush green gemstones jewelry - ethically, hand-selected organic treasures. The verdant charm of green gemstones like the invigorating  emerald,  tourmaline,  malachite,  peridot or serene  jade embodies growth and vigor. Wear these sustainable green gemstones and feel connected to the earth’s abundant life force.

peridot necklace


Purple Gemstones: Mystic Violet 

Reveal your visionary spirit, delight yourself with Clear Givings Market’s celestial purple gemstones jewelry - ethically sourced treasures designed to illuminate your elegance with intrigue. Let regal amethyst and cosmic spinel accentuate your mesmerizing eyes. Embrace the majesty of purple gemstones, and command attention.

Yellow Gemstones: Golden Glow

Release your luminous confidence, mark the moment and treat yourself with Clear Givings Market’s radiant yellow gemstones jewelry. Ethically sourced solar treasures, this jewelry is a mark of sustainable brilliance. Let golden citrineshimmering sunstone, and yellow diamonds amplify your intellect and talents. Shine brighter; demand your spotlight. 

citrine earrings



Pink Gemstones: Soft Romance

Pink gemstones, like tourmalines and morganites, embody refined power. Reveal your caring essence, graceful nature and bedeck yourself in ethically sourced romantic gems. Let blushing morganite, pink sapphires,  spinel, and  cherry quartz illuminate your mesmerizing eyes and loving spirit. Radiate delicate warmth.

cherry quartz

Red Gemstones: Crimson Allure

Ignite your fiery spirit and bedazzle others with Clear Givings Market’s passionate red gemstones jewelry - ethically sourced gifts from Nature that accentuate your striking eyes and commanding presence. Let scintillating garnets amplify your confidence and bravery, and your allure will intoxicate the world. Ignite passions, and be unforgettable.

garnet ring

Orange Gemstones: Sustainable Brilliance

Inspire awe and delight with Clear Givings Market’s warm orange gemstones jewelry – ethically sourced solar gems designed to accentuate your captivating eyes and vibrant elegance. Let shimmering amber spessartine garnets and citrine amplify your creativity. Channel the sun’s blazing glow, and be the horizon everyone looks up to. Glow irresistibly, embracing both elegance and ethics.


spessartine garnet


White Gemstones: Moonlit Magic

Adorn yourself and enchant others in the pure grace of white opal, and moonstone  - ethically sourced white gemstones emanating celestial light.  Moonstones, opals, and white sapphires, their pristine beauty is reminiscent of moonlit nights and fresh snow. These rare natural treasures, crafted into heirloom adornments, capture the imagination of others. Wear them for clarity, hope and new beginnings.

moonstone necklace

Clear Gemstones: Nature's Perfect Creation

Clear gemstones are nature's crystalline wonders, reflecting and refracting every beam of light. Whether it's the iconic diamond, radiant quartz, or  mystical clear topaz, these gems offer pure, untainted beauty. They're symbols of clarity in style and also represent transparency in ethical sourcing. Reveal your true, radiating essence from within. 


tennis bracelet diamonds


Teal Gemstones: Ancient Adornments

From the serene sea arises teal gemstones - ethically sourced aqua treasures glowing with possibility. Discover rare chrysoprase and turquoise with stunning seaside hues that carry the invigorating energy of water. Crafted into personalized, aquatic adornments, these unusual gems instill calm and courage.

chrysoprase pendant

Treat Yourself to Timeless Sparkles

Dive deep into the authentic beauty of Clear Givings Market's ethically sourced gemstones. Each stone tells a story of respect for the Earth and the intricate dance of nature. By choosing conscious elegance, you don't just wear jewelry; you wear values. Step into our world, where your eco depth meets nature’s brilliance. 

Thank you for your purchase.

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