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Style Pink sapphires
Taille 49 / US 5

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A Golden Touch: Women Gold Rings Showcase


For her Signature collection, Natalie Schayes has designed a ring inspired by the infinity symbol. Set with pink Sapphire stones on the golden line, this ring becomes a precious jewel.

As a contemporary designer, this ring was imagined as a body jewel that follows the curves of your finger in a minimalist way.

Modern and unexpected, you can wear it everyday.


Crafted in 9k yellow gold.

Set with pink Sapphires stones on one side or both sides.

Contact us for any other stone or gold jewelry personalization.


From 49 to 56.

Other size on order.

If you are a US customer, please select a size and we will contact you in order to get your exact US ring size.

Craftsmanship Meets Elegance: Women Gold Rings

Dive into a world of sheer elegance with Women gold rings. These exquisite pieces are more than just jewelry; they're a testament to timeless beauty and craftsmanship. Each design of Women gold rings radiates warmth and luxury, making them a perfect companion for every occasion. Celebrate the golden moments of life adorned in them.

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Bold & Beautiful: Statement Rings for Women

Among the myriad of sizes available in the jewelry world, the size 6 women ring shines with its widespread appeal. Not too tight and not too loose, it wraps the finger with the kind of perfection many seek. The beauty of the size 6 women ring lies in its ability to accentuate the grace of the hand it adorns. For those searching for a ring that speaks volumes both in style and fit, the size 6 women ring is indeed a commendable choice.

When subtlety takes a back seat, statement rings for women come to the forefront. They don't just accessorize; they captivate. Statement rings for women are designed to be bold, beautiful, and breathtakingly unique. When you wear one of these rings, it speaks volumes about your style, confidence, and persona. Each ring captures an essence of grandeur that makes every moment feel like an occasion.


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