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In 2020, Clear Givings Market opened its virtual doors with just a few hundred eco-friendly products to customers from all walks of life, making sustainable shopping approachable and easy for everyone.

Today, Clear Givings Market carries robust lines of products from companies that are environmentally friendly, making shopping sustainably convenient. Our customers can rely on a large selection of upcycled products, ethical sourcing, and inclusivity. Let’s join the revolution by making eco choices and transforming our consumption and shopping habits. You can feel good knowing that every purchase you make with us directly benefits sustainable communities.

Brands you can trust - Best-in-class

The eco brands we carry are passionate about helping you and our caring communities live a more sustainable life with ease and convenience. We offer practical, in-depth, and helpful information about the environment & sustainability in our blogs. In addition, we use our platform to spread awareness of the important environmental issues of our generation.So let’s vote with our pocketbook to make a meaningful difference while enjoying high-quality, non-toxic products that are good for our health and our planet’s health.

Caring communities - Happy times - Family times 

Sustainability is not only for those with resources; it’s about making daily resources available to this generation and future generations. So, as we cherish the love, laughter, and precious moments with our loved ones, reducing our ecological footprint is vital. Clear Givings Market's rallying cry is a healthy planet where future family members and caring communities can thrive. We hope you will join us in this endeavor. 

Vetting process - Holistic products

We partner with eco brands that demonstrate transparency in their sustainable practices. We look for certifications such as Cruelty Free, Toxin-Free, Fragrance-Free, B-Corp Certified, Fair-Trade, USDA Organic, Non-GMO, Rain Forest Alliance, Green C, Carbon Neutral, Leaping Bunny, PETA-Approved Vegan, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), Bamboo, Hemp, Climate Neutral, Safe and Fair Labor, Linen, Cork, Recycled Plastic, Made in the USA, Wool, Sustainably Harvested, Alpaca, Sustainably Harvested Wood, Low Impact Dyes or Ink, Sustainably Harvested Rubber, Handcrafted, or MADE SAFE

We team up with brand partners who care deeply about taking essential steps. They ensure that the products' creation, sustainable sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution are done with care and respect to protect the environment. They go the extra mile to serve our customers and uplift their staff with living wages, offering a safe working environment and fair treatment. In addition, several of our eco-brand partners work directly with indigenous cultures, offering support and encouraging them to utilize and preserve centuries-old practices to create beautiful handcrafted goods that we all can enjoy. 

Materials of ethical products

You’re busy; we get it. We want to save you time and effort by doing the leg work for you. So here's our vetting process so you can rest easy as you shop with us. We look for sustainable sourcing of organically grown ingredients when appropriate, materials made from post-consumer items such as tires, recycled plastic bottles, and fishing nets —Best-in-class renewable fibers in the garments, and fair-tradeWe also screen for plant-based ingredients without synthetic fragrances, artificial colors, sulfates, paragons, polyethylene glycols, triclosan, formaldehyde, dimethicone, and retinyl palmitate in the conscious beauty products

Many of the stunning handbags on our site are vegan; leather bags are made of the finest eco-friendly, vegetable-tanned, biodegradable leather, a waste byproduct that would otherwise be discarded into a landfill. We offer cool sunglasses and wooden watches that are made from sustainable woods. In addition, many of our eco-brand partners use materials that are biodegradable, such as natural fibers, and reusable options like copper, recycled gold, aluminum, glass, brass, or stainless steel. Our brand pages offer the in-depth principle of sustainability and right sourcing that each brand partner is committed to in the daily practice of their company. 

Sustainable packaging

We team up with brand partners who actively reduce excessive packaging and eliminate waste. We engage with sustainable brands that use compostable, recyclable, plastic-free, recycled, or compostable materials in their packaging. Some of our sustainable brand partners are carbon-free in their shipping; others are actively working towards being carbon-neutral in their shipping. We understand that practicing the principle of sustainability is a journey that requires all of us to continue to examine our practices and seek to implement more solutions for sustainability as we progress.

Free Shipping

Your first order with us comes with complimentary shipping, sign up with your email, and we will send you a code. It’s our goal to make free shipping readily available and economical to our customers. Each subsequent order over $99 ships free of charge.


While all are welcome on our site as customers, we are committed to elevating eco-entrepreneurs passionate about walking the talk in implementing the principle of sustainability with concrete actions. 

We actively seek to disrupt the status quo of fast fashion that harms the environment. More than fifty percent of our eco-brand partners are female-owned, BIPOC-owned, and LGBTQIA+-owned. Clear Givings Market empowers you: Moms and Dads, students and teachers, leaders and innovators, and folks from all walks of life who demand transformational change for a better tomorrow.

Give Back

We respectfully partner with sustainable brands passionate about giving back to caring communities. Some heartwarming and inspiring examples are: tackling the root cause of slavery (including human trafficking) and poverty by providing living wages with good benefits. Another brand partner is helping conserve habitats for multiple endangered species, planting over one million trees in an area sacred to the Wapichan People. Another uses surplus fabric and repurposes them into hundreds of warm, waterproof blankets for elders and people experiencing homelessness, and they also give away clothes. Finally, another brand partner works to rescue animals, rehoming dogs and other needy animals. All of the sustainable brands we partner with on our site are passionate about giving back to the communities. 

Join The Revolution - Live Natural

You can shop with peace of mind on our site, as our brand partners are committed to finding and implementing solutions for sustainability while giving back to the communities at large.

When purchasing from Clear Givings Market, your eco choices support meaningful causes that align with your beliefs, morals, and you help to transform the lives of many others for the better. This includes giving back, shopping sustainably, shopping for a cause, or shopping to raise awareness. Ethical shopping is different for different individuals. We’re passionate about supporting you in embracing self-sustainability while expanding our community sustainability.

All it takes is One great intention, One individual, and One action to empower another and change the world. Let's be the One.