World for Good

World for Good aims to:

-Make an economic difference for women living in poverty where opportunity is scarce and exploitation is common
-Provide retail consumers a quick & easy way to support human rights initiatives with a single tote bag

World For Good is solving multiple world problems – one tote bag at a time.

Problem #1: Over 20 Million women worldwide are at risk of, a victim of, or a survivor of human trafficking; most sold there by their own families who had no other means of economic support.

Problem #2:  Over 20 Billion pounds of textile waste is thrown into landfills every year, a large portion of this coming from fabric scraps discarded by the textile industry.

 By purchasing World For Good bags, you can help:
• provide meaningful employment
• provide basic human rights, such as education and food
• provide hope

World for Good partners with NGOs around the world that employ women from disadvantaged communities and pay them a fair wage to create beautiful and unique cloth bags from fabric scraps. WFG sells the bags and uses the money to buy more bags and provide more work – keeping more fabric out of the landfills!

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