Blue Gemstones

Blue Gemstones

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Blue Gemstones: Dazzling Allure

Has the serene grandeur of the ocean ever left you spellbound? Or the expansive embrace of the twilight sky? These aren't just colors; they're symbols of depth, peace, and elegance. Blue gemstones stand at the forefront when this allure translates into luxe jewelry, whispering tales of nature's best. Each gem at Clear Givings Market is a testament to ethical sourcing, letting you wear luxury without compromise. Here's how you can transform not just your look, but also your aura.

Blue Gemstone Necklace

Light Blue Gemstone: Rare Treasures

Delicate pastel aquamarine evokes serene mornings by the sea. Its dreamy tones complement refined, romantic styles. This light blue gem adds an air of tranquility, perfect for the chic, modern woman. Feel the ocean's gentle embrace and morning's tender caress with a light blue aquamarine. Wear it as a statement piece or pair it with cute earrings; you're not just wearing a gem - you're draping yourself in nature's elegance. And let's be honest, who doesn't want to channel the serenity of dawn?

Blue Gemstone Names

Blue gems whisper tales of exotic lands, from elegant blue sapphire to fiery blue topaz. Adorn yourself in their rich hues for a touch of cosmopolitan allure. 

  • 1- Sapphire - Often recognized for its deep blue color, it's one of the most precious of all gemstones.
  • 2- Aquamarine - As the name suggests, it resembles the sea's color and has a light blue hue.
  • 3- Blue Topaz - This gem comes in several shades, from pale blue to a deep, almost teal shade.
  • 4- Lapis Lazuli - Deep blue with golden flecks of pyrite, it's historically prized for its intense color.
  • 5- Turquoise - Its blue-green tones and unique patterns have made it popular for thousands of years.
  • 6- Azurite - Often found combined with green malachite, azurite is a deep blue copper mineral.
  • 7- Tanzanite - A deep blue-violet stone found only in Tanzania.
  • 8- Blue Zircon - Not to be confused with cubic zirconia, natural zircon can be a vibrant blue.
  • 9- Blue Tourmaline (Indicolite) - A rare variant of tourmaline, it can range from light to deep blue.
  • 10- Blue Garnet - A rare gem that looks green in daylight and purplish under incandescent light.
  • 11- Moonstone - While usually associated with a milky white sheen, it can exhibit a blue shimmer.
  • 12- Blue Spinel - Ranges from bright blue to dark blue, often mistaken for sapphires.
  • 13- Blue Jade - A rarer type of jade, it boasts a dreamy blue hue.
  • 14- Larimar - Only found in the Dominican Republic, it's a beautiful sky blue to greenish-blue stone.

Dark Blue Gemstone: Sophisticated Elegance

Mysterious as the night sky, lapis lazuli intrigues the eye. Blue spinel glitters with dramatic depth.  Their dark allure, paired with small hoop earrings or showcased in unique engagement rings, silently boasts of the wearer's refined taste. It's the epitome of sophistication. Showcase these dramatic blues on your elegant décolletage for a glamorous statement.

Blue Gemstone Ring

Shop Jewelry for Mom

Make Mother's Day meaningful by gifting ethically sourced blue gems. She will appreciate blue earrings or a statement necklace chosen especially for her refined taste. A blue gemstone ring or layered bracelets from Clear Givings Market aren't just gifts; they're timeless tokens of love.

Jewelry for Mom

Blue Gemstone Ring 

From dazzling sapphires to the serene aquamarine, a blue gemstone ring is not just jewelry. It's a narrative. Paired with gold rings for women, these gems are symbols of sophistication. Make a bold declaration with a vibrant blue cocktail ring or unique engagement ring. The woman who dares to be different will appreciate their uniqueness. 

Blue Gemstone Ring

Blue Gemstone Necklace

embodies the sea's hymn and the sky's embrace. When paired with get back necklaces, you're not just wearing a piece of luxe jewelry; you're wearing a story of sustainable beauty. Blue gem get back necklaces lend effortless sophistication, perfect for the modern, cosmopolitan woman. Drape yourself in their peaceful hues for a touch of refined elegance.

Blue Gemstone Necklace

Blue Gemstone Earrings

Whether it's the playful dangle earrings or the minimalist small hoop earrings, each piece murmurs tales of winds and tides. After all, why listen to nature's whispers when you can wear them? Treat yourself to these delights for the chic, bohemian woman seeking inspiration from nature's beauty. 

Blue Gemstone Bracelet

Wrap your wrist with nature's tales with a blue gemstone bracelet. Be it the elegant sapphires or layered bracelets with aquamarine, they're not just accessories. They're your very own piece of the sea. Adorn your wrist with blue gems interwoven with tales of exotic lands. 

Blue Gemstone Bracelets

Luxe Jewelry

Elevate your elegant style by connecting with sustainable blue gems. For the socially-conscious woman who appreciates handcrafted, best-in-class luxury.

Pink Gemstones

Join the Revolution

At Clear Givings Market, luxury intertwines with conscience. Every piece promises luxe jewelry that cares, from eye-catching cute earrings to chic layered bracelets.

Cleargivings Market

So, when you choose your next luxe jewelry, remember, it's more than an accessory. It's your voice, your stand. Dive into a world of ethically sourced allure. Choose Clear Givings Market. Your elegance will be unmatched, and the planet? Eternally grateful.

Thank you for your purchase.


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