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Debra Navarro

Bunny Hop Ring - Yellow Pear

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Made To Order. Allow 4 to 6 weeks to delivery.

The Bunny Hop Ring, from our Barefoot Collection, is proof that even the smallest steps of love and kindness can leave unforgettable imprints on the world. This Bunny Hop ring is crafted with recycled white 18-karat gold, a yellow pear diamond, and four round champagne sand pave diamonds. Finger size is 6.

Five diamonds total 0.14 carat.

Made in USA with imported materials. 

The diamonds used to create The Barefoot Collection are hand selected by Debra one jewelry piece at a time. As such, each piece is truly one of a kind. Diamond sizes, shapes, colors, and placement may vary from image pictured.

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Please allow up to 3 weeks for production and delivery.