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Free shipping on orders over $99 📦

10% off for first-time customers when you subscribe! 🥳

For every purchase, we plant a tree in your honor with One Tree Planted!🌳

Enter our autumn giveaway - you could win $500 of luxurious products! 🏅 


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General Health Information

A sustainable lifestyle is a safe lifestyle. Make sure you always read the labels and consult your physician before using any products that go in or on your body.

If you have already experienced a reaction, please, discontinue use and consult your doctor immediately- for more extreme reactions, call 911 or get to the Emergency Room.

First off, congratulations!

Some products may contain essential oils that may not be suitable during pregnancy or while breast feeding.

These oils can be found in any number of beauty products and with such products -and with all CBD products- we strongly recommend consulting your physician for guidance for the health and safety of you and your baby.


Did you know CBD is one of many non-psychoactive cannabinoids that are found in the hemp plant?

CBD has many uses, and is a hugely popular lifestyle addition that people utilize for a number of anecdotal reasons.

Although many of these anecdotal reasons involve the treatment of various symptoms, it's very important to note that Clear Givings Market does not make any claims regarding CBD's efficacy as a treatment for any condition whatsoever. We also recommend consulting a physician prior to use.

What makes CBD unique, from a biological standpoint, is the way in which it interfaces with the body.

Your body has an endocannabinoid system that consists of cannabinoid receptors which exist along the nervous system, brain and other parts of the body. When we take CBD, this cannabinoid bonds with these receptors, allowing CBD to render its benefits to your mind and body.

It’s important to note that, though CBD is widely considered safe with current research showing that it’s nonaddictive and non-toxic, CBD is still currently being researched for its potential positive effects and that the FDA has not yet approved its use to treat any specific symptoms.

CBD oil is a natural extract of the Cannabis sativa plant. It is not synthetic, and it is not marijuana.

In fact, the federal government has ruled that CBD and THC are different substances with different governing legal structures, and many analysts suspect that the golden age of CBD commerce is upon us.

While both CBD and THC are made from cannabis, it’s likely that THC-rich and CBD-rich cannabis will be regulated very differently in the coming years.

The federal government often uses the states as “laboratories of democracy,” and it’s, therefore, likely that federal high-THC cannabis reform will bear many similarities to the steps that certain states have already taken to legalize recreational cannabis.

No matter what happens in the CBD industry, Clear Givings Market will remain your reliable source of all the excellent CBD brands.

Transparency and consistency are the top signs of a great CBD product or brand, and nothing beats the clear consistency that you enjoy when you shop at Clear Givings Market.

Whether you want to keep coming back for the same products every time, or gradually broaden your horizons, we’ve got it all. 

All the terminology in the CBD world sure can get confusing. Right? Here’s a breakdown of relevant terms:

CBD - Cannabidiol, a naturally occurring constituent of the Cannabis sativa plant. Cannabis can be bred to yield high amounts of CBD and low amounts of THC.

CBD oil - The cannabidiol-rich extract of the hemp plant, Cannabis sativa.

CBD-rich hemp oil - Another term for CBD oil that specifies the origin of this substance.

Full-spectrum CBD oil - CBD oil that has all its cannabinoids, terpenes, and other natural compounds intact. Sometimes also known as "raw" hemp/CBD oil.

Broad-spectrum CBD oil - CBD oil containing all its natural terpenes and cannabinoids except THC, which has been removed until untraceable quantities remain.

Isolate CBD powder/crystals - Cannabidiol molecules that have been extracted from CBD-rich hemp oil. Takes on a white, crystalline form that is easily crushed into powder.

And finally,

Hemp seed oil - An extract of the seeds of the Cannabis sativa plant, which do not have high concentrations of any cannabinoids. Instead, hemp seeds contain lots of omega acids and other substances with nutritional benefits.

As you can see, hemp seed oil, which is sometimes called simply “hemp oil,” is only related to CBD oil in that both products come from the same plant.

In some cases, the term “hemp oil” may be used as a euphemism for “CBD oil” in an attempt to hide the fact that a product contains CBD.

In most cases, however, you can assume that hemp oil and CBD oil are very different things that each provide unique contributions to the human experience.

We get asked this a lot, and honestly, it really just depends on you!

The right CBD product for you depends on a variety of factors, including your preferred method of administration, your prior experience with CBD and your desired results.

Clear Givings Market offers a wide variety of CBD lifestyle products to fit into your existing routines that give you new ways to experience cannabidiol.

From CBD topicals made with the finest botanicals for your skin to CBD vegan gummies, there's plenty to pick from!

Try one out for yourself! We bet you’ll love it! 

Great Question!

The best place to start is by using your CBD according to its label instructions.

Since CBD has not been classified as a supplement, OTC drug, or prescription drug, there are no established guidelines regarding effective dosing for this cannabinoid.

Information pertaining to pharmaceutical drugs does not necessarily also apply to substances that are similar to, or even the same as, an existing prescription drug. That’s why the FDA has to go through such a laborious process when regulating a matter as complex and convoluted as the CBD industry.

The FDA has indicated that the CBD industry is getting top-priority treatment, but it’s unlikely that anything substantive will change in the regulatory status of this cannabinoid until mid-2022 at the earliest.

Until that point, we can provide you with basic guidelines for establishing a good amount of CBD to use:

Start with a low dose, and carefully note how the CBD affected your body. If you didn’t notice an effect at all, you might want to use more. If the effect was just right, you might have found the perfect amount to use!

The most likely thing that will happen is just a more relaxing experience.

There is a good chance you may feel tired if you go over 100 mg in one sitting, but this is not a guarantee. So, as always, please follow guidance on the label of your product.

If your body isn’t used to taking CBD, throwing a lot at it can make your stomach upset. This is a normal biological response whenever something foreign enters the body the first few times, and once the stomach realizes CBD isn’t an irritant, nausea should pass.

CBD behaves differently depending on how you take it.

Any substance that you inhale into your lungs enters your bloodstream almost immediately, and placing a substance under your tongue also provides rapid absorption and deployment throughout the body.

When you ingest a substance orally, however, it has to jump over quite a few hurdles before it can fully enter your bloodstream.

Not only does the ingested substance have to break down in your stomach and pass through your gut lining, but then it’s also filtered through the liver.

This organ is very conservative in its judgments, which means that the bioavailability of the CBD you ingest orally is generally reduced to a significant degree.

At the same time, however, CBD that you ingest orally releases into your bloodstream for the entire time that it passes through your digestive tract, which provides further chances for absorption.

These effects generally begin around 30-60 minutes after you swallow your CBD product, and they then often persist for about 4-6 hours.

Not to worry!

People respond a bit differently to CBD products and you may simply need a slightly larger dose than others.

You might try to increase your dose gradually until the desired effect is achieved, or try stronger potency products from our ever expanding catalogue of CBD~

You don't have to worry about failing a drug screening at work if that's what your asking!

But, to answer your question, it varies from person to person and also depends on how you consume this substance.

As a lipid, cannabidiol is stored in your fatty tissues, and it may remain in your system for up to 30 days. However, no known labs test for CBD in drug tests, and this substance’s semi-legal status means that having trace amounts of CBD in your system shouldn’t be of any concern.

Oral ingestion is the CBD administration route that results in the longest effects and greatest storage duration in the body. If you want large amounts of CBD to stay in your system for as long as possible, oral ingestion might be the right route.

Otherwise, CBD that you ingest via inhalation or topical administration generally leaves your body relatively rapidly.

A fun fact:

The increasing popularity of CBD is blurring the lines when it comes to determining THC use and, with federal legalization of cannabis (most likely) on the horizon, the time may soon come when cannabis-related drug testing for work becomes a thing of the past.

The effect of cannabidiol -how you will feel- is generally described as “non-intoxicating.”

In some scientific literature and CBD copy, you might see CBD referred to as “non-psychoactive,” but this term can be somewhat misleading.

Non-psychoactive means that a substance does not have a psychological effect whatsoever, but this can’t be said for CBD as it is "reported" to instill a calming effect on the mind.

While we can’t get into specific details about how CBD affects your mind as per FDA regulations, remember that the perceived psychological effects of CBD are not intoxicating.

There is no "High" associated with its use or the typical impairment of judgement from "intoxication."

The subjective experience of CBD is always different for each person. You might want to record the effects that you experience when you try these products and share them with others.

There's no better way to inform others about your experience with CBD than writing a review about your experience here on Clear Givings Market!

You can also hit us up on Instagram and Facebook and tell us and everyone else about it!