Clear Givings Market is your home for sustainable products online, ranging from sustainable women's clothing, men's clothing, ethical, handcrafted jewelry, and fair trade products for your kitchen and home.

The things we purchase and how we spend our money reflect the kind of world we want to live in. We're contending with existential challenges threatening our environment and leaving us in a precarious position for the future. Climate change, pollution, and global injustices are all impacted by consumer behavior. 

Clear Givings Market believes in the power of humanity to solve big problems. We know people want to support brands and products that reflect their values and contribute positively to the planet. With so many ethical online alternatives, such as ethical websites like Clear Givings Market, we can come together for more significant, more impactful change.

Our story

Clear Givings Market was started for many different reasons; it centered around the idea of fighting for our rights to good health and a brighter future for our generation and future generations. Many formative moments and incidents led us to the path to Clear Givings. It was about creating something with values we hold dear to our hearts for my family and me. 

Some of the reasons behind forming Clear Givings were a struggle that many of us face: looming threats of climate change, seeing our Earth decline in the face of rampant consumption, and the harmful ingredients that were consistently present in our products and produce.

And with so much greenwashing around us, there seemed to be very little space for eco-conscious shoppers to feel truly good about what they were purchasing and confident that the products aligned with their values. 

The original idea for Clear Givings is a simple one that continues to serve as a foundation for our market: creating a space for sustainable products online where brands and shoppers connect. My family and I, along with an incredible team continue working tirelessly to make that vision a reality and make Clear Givings Market a community for those seeking a conscious, ethical shopping experience. 

Our online marketplace sells eco-friendly, fair trade products that help individuals and families shop with ease and peace of mind for their health, their loved ones' health, and the health of our planet. Our market continues to grow with more sustainable brands, which we thoroughly research. We always select brands that align with these important values, so you don’t have to. 

How Clear Givings works as an ethical marketplace

At Clear Givings Market, our mission is to help make the world a brighter and healthier place by empowering shoppers to make ethical purchasing choices. We have carefully curated our marketplace to provide sustainable products online from brands and organizations that share the same values.

We screen the charities and brands we partner with to offer our customers worry-free access to organizations making significant impacts in protecting the environment and promoting global justice.  

At Clear Givings Market, we ensure that everything going into these brands and charities is transparent and ethical, from their ingredients to how they source their labor. As a result, you can trust that these organizations are giving back to their communities and the world at large when crafting their sustainable products. 

What kinds of products does Clear Givings offer?

We are continually working to find brands and organizations to make our ethical online marketplace your only stop to find ethical gift items and eco-friendly products.

Ethical products and sustainable products you’ll find at Clear Givings include:

  • Sustainable women’s clothing, including eco-friendly dresses, tops, skirts, and more
  • Ethical menswear
  • Ethical and sustainable jewelry
  • Fair-trade home decor
  • Ethically made bags and accessories 
  • Clean beauty skincare and non-toxic haircare
  • Health supplements

    …and more! We aim to keep adding brands and sustainable products online to our marketplace that you’ll fall in love with. 

    We carry a range of price points for our products to make them easy to buy for yourself and others. So whether you're seeking ethical gifts or committing yourself to live an eco-friendly life, we see you and are here for you. 


    Shop With Pride. Shop With Confidence. Shop Clear Givings Market.


    Meet our team

    Aria Crane

    Founder and Creator

    Ann Dinh


    Sophia Domingo

    Operations Manager