Teen Gift Guide

This Year's Clear Givings Holiday Gift Guide for Teens!

Help everyone celebrate the holidays this year with the gifts you give. Each gift in this list has been selected for the beautiful stories that they support. Not only will they provide beautiful quality, but they also support amazing causes in communities around the world. 

For Teen Girls

1. Polly Necklace: $62

 “A Herkimer Diamond and freshwater pearl adorn this long chain, made by recycled 14 kt gold. Herkimer diamond gemstones are formed at a very slow pace over time, which allows them to be incredibly clear and free for any inclusions. The high energy crystals make a great alternative to traditional diamonds with their dazzling shine and ethical mining practices.

Handcrafted by artisans who work with the nonprofit Vi Bella inc, this beautiful necklace goes towards the fair wages, housing, medical needs, and children’s education that Vi Bella helps to provide.

2. Hawaiian Beauty Water: $24

    Papaya enzymes, hibiscus and kō (Hawaiian sugar) work together to gently exfoliate skin, revealing a healthy glow. For even the most sensitive of skins, Hawaiian Beauty Water is a liquid exfoliant that can be used 1-5 times per week (dry:1-3 oily: 3-5) to gently exfoliate for a luminous complexion, tighter looking pores and a fresh face. All of it’s ingredients are sourced sustainably from Hawaii. 


    3. The Bohemia Leather Sandal: $80

     Made from up-cycled leather, these gorgeous sandals are completely carbon neutral. They are made by contracted artisans based in the Dominican Republic, who are able to set their own prices, hours, and location of work. 


    4. Cougar- Silver Vegan Quilted Backpack: $158

    Made by a small group of artisans based in Seoul, South Korea, this leather backpack is completely vegan! In order to ensure optimal sustainability in production, the included materials are 

    100% Vegan Textured Eco Polyurethane

    Recycled Plastic Bottles Lining

    Recycled metal hardware with 18K Gold plating


    5. Uinta Wood Sunglasses: $110 

    Handcrafted from sustainably sourced wood, these stylish sunglasses are made by a family owned milling company in Idaho. Each order supports Proof Eyewear’s ‘Do Good Project’ which has helped provide tsunami relief in Japan, child soldier rehabilitation in Africa, reforestation in Haiti, and has helped provide eye care to those in need around the world.

    For Teen Boys

    1. Portable Charger: 99.95

    By using high-density batteries, fewer cells and materials are needed to pack in more power than premium portable chargers twice the size. Designed with 60W Power Delivery for charging your laptop 6x faster up to 100%, and 18W PD/QC 4.0 technology for fast-charging Apple & Android smartphones and tablets.

    Housed in 72.5% post-consumer plastic to further reduce total footprint compared to available portable charger alternatives. This portable charger has plastic-free packaging and uses ethical suppliers. 


    2. Evolution Hoodie: 76.99

    Each of these comfortable hoodies are made from 3 cups of recycled coffee grounds and 10 recycled plastic bottles. Along with making every effort to be sustainable in their production, the sales of these hoodies supports environmental and community organizations such as Save Our Canyons, The Road Home, and Cottonwoods Canyon Foundation. 


    3. Stainless Steel Vacuum Water Bottle: $29.99

    Built to last, the Hydrogen bottle is manufactured with 18/8 Sustainable Stainless Steel and is powder-coated for extra grip and temperature retention.

    Hydrogen's wide-mouth opening allows for easy ice insertion to keep things chilled, and a wider target diameter when pouring in hot liquids.  Hydrogen's removable leash is made from post-consumer recycled polyester. Certified by the B Corporation, these useful bottles are ethically made and use sustainably sourced materials. 


    4. Sunglasses: $120

    Made from FSC recycled bamboo, these stylish sunglasses also have 100% polarization. Each sale of these sunglasses goes to Optometry Giving Sight, which is an organization that is dedicated to helping those globally  in need of medical eye care. 


    5. Urban Pack: 98

    Made from strong, durable weather-resistant polyester and the finest eco-friendly, vegetable tanned, biodegradable leather. These awesome backpacks were made by people who have been rescued out of human trafficking in India and are now being paid fair wages and have safe work environments in order to live self-sustaining lives. 


    Pay later
    Kennedy Bamboo Sunglasses Sunglasses Wear Panda
    URBAN PACK AW CHARCOAL Backpacks Made Free
    Evolution Hoodie: Made from Recycled Coffee Grounds Coalatree