Hawaiian Beauty Water

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Unveiling The Magic: Benefits Of Exfoliating

Papaya enzymes, hibiscus and kō (Hawaiian sugar) work together to gently exfoliate skin, revealing a healthy glow. After years of studying clients' skin, Honua's founder, Kapua, became concerned with the long term effects of physical exfoliants.  Yet she recognized the need for exfoliation so she designed the Hawaiian Beauty Water, which has become one of Honua's most popular products.  Everyone wants glowing skin and this potion is gentle enough for the most sensitive skin.

Hawaiian Beauty Water is a liquid exfoliant that can be used 1-5 times per week (dry:1-3 oily: 3-5) to gently exfoliate all skin types for a luminous complexion, tighter looking pores and a fresh face. Great as a skin prep before makeup applications!

Directions: Use on a cotton round and wipe entire face/décolleté rather than spritzing. This swiping motion visibly removes dead skin cells.

Note: The Hawaiian Beauty Water can vary in shades from pink-orange to a deeper pink/magenta based on where and when the hibiscus flowers are sourced. Hawaiian Beauty Water may include sediment from natural ingredients, which is perfectly safe. Just shake it up before dispensing onto cotton round.

Renewed Radiance With Every Use: Gentle Exfoliator

Step into the gentle embrace of Hawaiian Beauty Water, an exquisite facial toner designed to refresh and revitalize. With its dual functionality as a gentle exfoliator, this facial toner works seamlessly to enhance the skin's natural glow. For those familiar with the benefits of exfoliating, they know the transformative power it brings. This product doesn't just stop at the regular benefits of exfoliating; it goes a step further by introducing ingredients tailored specifically as a face exfoliator for sensitive skin.

Every drop is infused with a skin renewing nightly exfoliating treatment that works its magic while you rest, ensuring you wake up to a radiant complexion. Emphasizing the specialized face exfoliator for sensitive skin, Hawaiian Beauty Water promises a rejuvenation experience without the harshness. Dive deeper into the realm of radiant skin with this potent blend, which combines the best aspects of a skin renewing nightly exfoliating treatment with the soothing touch of nature's finest ingredients. A true testament to nature and science in harmony, making skin care a luxurious experience.

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