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Why use eco-friendly products?

Why use eco-friendly products?

It's a good thing that many people nowadays have decided to go green and lead a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle for the planet's good! But, if you're still wondering why use eco-friendly products, consider the reasons below.

It doesn't bring further harm to the environment

We take everything we need from our environment. And with our advancing technology, we're able to make so much of what we need (and don't need) at the expense of reducing our natural resources more than necessary. But just because we consume so much now doesn't mean that our environment has to suffer. An eco-friendly product doesn't harm the environment whether in its production, use, or disposal. That means making them and using them doesn't require as much energy and resources. Neither does disposing of them because they are either biodegradable or compostable or can be easily recycled or reused. 

All-natural products are healthier

For most of us, our health and our family are a priority. While mass-produced items are cheaper, they don't necessarily mean healthier. Many of them are only affordable and accessible because manufacturers use tons of chemicals to produce them faster in greater numbers at a low cost. However, eco-friendly products are usually made of all-natural ingredients. Not to mention, they are far more durable and of way better quality compared to non-eco-friendly items. From food to clothing, eco-friendly products are a far better and healthier choice. 

Reduced pollution and waste

The most significant benefit of using eco-friendly products is that it helps reduce pollution and contamination in our environment. Many eco-friendly products are made from sustainable materials that will last a long time. And if they have outlived their purpose, they can be easily reused or recycled to bring new life to it. This significantly reduces our waste production, thus less trash that we throw away in our lands and seas. 

It saves you money in the long run

Mass-produced plastics and other items that are not eco-friendly are only cheaper because they can be made quickly. But that also means these products have a shorter lifespan because they break down quickly, and then you'll have to buy another so soon. And if you do that several times in a month, for example, wouldn't it be far more cost-effective if you buy a durable eco-friendly product instead that could last years? They may seem expensive at first, but if they last long enough to endure so much wear and tear, then you're getting the bang for your buck.

Secures a better future for the next generation

As the saying goes: we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children. Would you want to leave a polluted world for your children to live in? Of course, no parent wants that, so we should try our best to treat our planet right by adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle. In turn, our children will also be doing their hardest to be the next stewards of the earth.


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So why use eco-friendly products? Because doing so lessens the waste we produce and less damage we do to the environment. We only leave behind a thriving planet in which the future generation can comfortably live. So start shopping sustainably in shops like Clear Givings Marketplace, where ALL products are 100% eco-friendly! Check out our collections here.

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