The Chica Bohemia Girl's Leather Sandal

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Size 10
Color Orange

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Girls Sandals: Dainty Delights for Little Dancers

A classic girl's leather sandal with a little boho style. 

Those little toes are going to go great places. These leather shoes and strong soles are going to keep them safe along the way.

The Chica Bohemia was designed to look pretty but to be practical. This way, everyone wins - and it's never a fight to put shoes on.

Available in Natural and Caramel.

  • Made of locally sourced leather
  • Handcrafted tire soles made from upcycled inner tire tube sourced in Haiti
  • No break in period "aka" instant comfort
  • Super cushy foam core mid-sole made from high quality foam to offer support and durability
  • Handmade leather footbed
  • Slightly raised heel for extra impact absorption
  • Handmade by artisan shoemakers in the Dominican Republic

Unleash your summer vibes with our leather sandals, their chic design turning heads wherever you go. The soft, breathable leather offers unmatched comfort, making these sandals your perfect partner for those long, leisurely walks.

Embrace the season of sun with our summer sandals, designed to keep your feet cool and stylish. These sandals not only offer superior comfort but also serve as a trendy addition to your summer wardrobe.

Introduce your child to the joy of comfortable footwear with our kid's sandals, designed with their delicate feet in mind. Combining style, durability, and comfort, these sandals are perfect for their active days, ensuring they can play and explore with ease while looking their best.

Kids Sandals: Young Explorers' Perfect Pair

The Chica Bohemia Girl's Leather Sandal is the epitome of sun-soaked fun, designed especially as summer sandals for the little ones. As days grow longer and adventures await, these summer sandals ensure that your little girl's feet are well-equipped for every journey. Specifically tailored for the young explorers, the Chica Bohemia perfectly fits the category of kids sandals with a touch of sophistication. Every detail in these kids sandals is crafted to provide utmost comfort while keeping the fun element alive.

Diving deeper into the world of youthful fashion, these girls sandals stand out, blending timeless elegance with playful design elements. The meticulous design ensures that these girls sandals become an instant favorite, matching with almost any outfit. But the Chica Bohemia doesn't stop there. For the tiny fashionistas taking their first steps, these toddler girls sandals offer both support and style. With an easy-to-wear structure and a secure fit, the toddler girls sandals ensure that those baby steps are taken with confidence and flair. The Chica Bohemia Girl's Leather Sandal is where style meets childhood spontaneity, promising unforgettable summer memories.

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