Ricky Rainbow Necklace

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When Gold Embraces the Rainbow: Necklace Revealed

  • Length of necklace approximately is 20 inches with a 2 inch extender
  • Size of rainbow dog tag pendant is the same size as military dog tags (approximately 2 inches long by 1 and 1/8 inch wide
  • Cast in 100% recycled brass & 14 karat-gold/sterling silver-plated
  • Pendant sustainably cast in downtown Los Angeles 
  • Chain is made in the US
  • Wire, and extender chain are made in the US
  • Clasps is made in Italy
  • Necklace is handmade in Austin, Texas
  • The chain has long links, so you can clasp on the links to make the necklace shorter! The rest of the chain will hang in the back.
  • There's no nickel, cadmium or lead in this jewelry - making it low toxic

I received a call from someone I didn't know a few months back. A grandmother, named Pauline (she/her/hers), called to tell me that her grandson, Ricky (he/him/his), had been bullied at school for being gay. I was shocked this would happen in 2021. Don't worry, this story takes a turn. Pauline sat down with her grandson and listened to him and his experiences. GO PAULINE! She expressed her empathy, compassion, and support to her grandson by asking him if he'd want to make something with her in support of him and other youth who are out. The two of them called me and we three immediately went to work. This dog tag is named Ricky. The other rainbow necklace is named Pauline. The two rainbow necklaces make up a mini collection called "Acceptance." Ricky and Pauline were a part of every step of the designing process.

This subject is important to me on a personal level. You may know that my best friend, Dawn (she/her/hers), identifies as a lesbian. When she was in high school in the early 90's, she was shamed and asked to leave the girl's bathroom due to her androgynous demeanor as some of the girls at school thought she was a “boy”. Dawn quickly learned to hold her bladder to avoid these instances where she felt disconnected from her schoolmates. She didn't use the bathroom at school for the rest of her high school experience. To this day, that woman can hold her bladder all day.

This shaming needs to stop. In my perspective, this stems from fear and a lack of education around our LGBTQIA+ community. This Rainbow necklace is made with love (the opposite of fear). Whether you are part of the LGBTQIA+ community or an ally, when you purchase this necklace you are expressing your support. 

A percentage of proceeds will go to Out Youth, a local non-profit in Central Texas that supports LGBTQIA+ youth and young adults, as well as Ricky and Pauline. 

Help spread love and support by wearing what you believe and represent. Thank you for your acceptance and support of our LGBTQIA+ family members!

Where Craftsmanship Meets Nature: Rainbow Necklace

Embrace the colors of life with the rainbow necklace, an accessory that radiates positivity and love. Each color in the rainbow necklace is meticulously placed to mirror the beauty of a real rainbow, reminding the wearer of nature's most stunning phenomena. For those who believe that luxury and color should go hand in hand, the gold rainbow necklace is a perfect choice. The luminosity of gold combined with the spectrum of a rainbow makes the gold rainbow necklace a dazzling piece. Whether it's a special occasion or just a day when you need a splash of color, the gold rainbow necklace promises to be your perfect companion.

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