NEW S-Heart-S Volume Premium Brush

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Discover the pinnacle of hair care excellence with the S-Heart-S Volume Brush, and indulge in fuller hair volume and scalp well-being all in one. Crafted with 572 bristles, this patented hair tool is meticulously designed for use on both wet and dry hair, making it a must-have for fine to medium hair of any length and low to medium densities. 


Boost hair's natural volume effortlessly: Achieve fuller hair by effortlessly enhancing volume.

Stimulate and invigorate optimal hair growth: Energize your scalp's circulation, promoting scalp health and supporting optimal hair growth. Experience the invigorating power of oxygen for luxurious hair.

Detangle knots with ease: Glide through your hair effortlessly as the brush gently detangles knots, minimizing breakage and reducing hair damage. 


3 Ways to Improve Healthy and Fuller Hair with the S Heart S Brush

For maximum volume, brush your dry hair for 3 minutes with your head upside down, starting from the roots and gently moving downwards to the ends.

To stimulate new hair growth, gently press the brush against the scalp in small circular motions, massaging for a few minutes to enhance blood flow and promote relaxation.

To detangle your hair without breakage, start from the ends, session your hair in 3-4  parts working upwards  to the roots to minimize damage and keep your hair tangle-free.

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