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Susan Posnick Cosmetics

Multi Use Brush

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Master The Art With Eyeshadow Brush

Our vegan small Multi-Use Brush is hand-crafted, made of high quality synthetic fibers and can be used with any of our products! (Please note however that you should never use the same brush on all of your features; eyes, lips, and face!) Whether you use it with our award-winning mineral makeup COLORFLO or COLOR CORRECT pencil, COLORME, COLOREYEDEFINE, COLORDUO or our COLOR ESSENTIAL, this brush is tapered to a point by design, to be your go-to tool for precision application. It is lightweight, portable, and feels great in the hand! True natural beauty is essential.

  • Use with COLORFLO: Dip directly into your COLORFLO container to give opaque coverage to blemishes and other imperfections (and help heal and treat them as well as conceal them)
  • Use with COLORCORRECT: After applying the pencil directly to the face, use this concealer brush to blend, or sweep the brush directly across the creamy COLORCORRECT pencil and apply it to the face, especially under eyes to correct and highlight
  • Use with COLOR EYEDEFINE: Use the brush to blend the eyeshadows/eyeliners with more precision 
  • Use with COLOR DUO and COLOR ESSENTIAL: Use to define and shape the lip line and lips

For those who crave perfection in their makeup game, the Multi Use Brush is the ultimate companion. It boasts an incredible Eyeshadow brush that effortlessly picks up the right amount of product, ensuring a flawless application each time. The Blending Eyeshadow Brush feature of this tool makes it easy to achieve seamless transitions between shades, while the Blending Brush Eyeshadow aspect ensures that your eye makeup blends without harsh lines, creating a professional look with every use.

Not just for eyeshadows, this brush steps up as a precise Eyeliner Brush, allowing for sharp lines or a sultry Smokey Eyeliner effect with ease. Whether you're looking to create a bold line or a smokey effect, the Smokey Eyeliner capability ensures you get the desired outcome. With such versatility in one tool, achieving expertly crafted eye makeup looks has never been this effortless. Dive into the realm of impeccable makeup with the Multi Use Brush.

Precision Meets Beauty: Eyeliner Brush

For those passionate about achieving a seamless eyeshadow look, the Multi Use Brush promises unmatched efficiency. It comes equipped with a Blending Eyeshadow Brush that ensures smooth transitions, preventing any patchy applications. Not just limited to one functionality, the Blending Brush Eyeshadow facet of this tool is perfect for ensuring that every eyeshadow, whether matte or shimmer, is flawlessly blended into the eyelid, creating a harmonious play of colors.

Yet, the wonders of this brush don’t stop at eyeshadows. It's also designed with an Eyeliner Brush, tailored to provide precision in every stroke. Whether you're aiming for a classic sleek line or a dramatic cat-eye, the Eyeliner Brush delivers impeccable results. Dive into the artistry of eye makeup and discover the difference a professional tool like the Multi Use Brush can make in your routine.