OLITA Kids Pack

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Best Sunscreen Stick for All-Around Protection

Everything you need to take your kids to the beach - and have a fun time! OLITA Beach Be Gone KIDS sand removing body powder with a Bubble gum scent. Leave the sand at the beach with OLITA's award winning and innovative body powder that magically wicks away sand and moisture for a fast dry rinse. OLITA KIDS Mineral Sunstick REEF SAFE SPF 30 sunscreen. Mom's Choice Award Gold Winner!! Perfect for diaper bags, pockets, purses, and backpacks. Keep your kids' young skin safe from the sun - easy to apply on faces and little places. OLITA BABY Sunscreen Lotion REEF SAFE SPF50 for sensitive and normal skin - gentle yet packs powerful protection. Water resistant and light so it's easy to apply.

Effective shield against harmful UVA/UVB rays, OLITA sunscreens are cruelty-free, PABA free, broad spectrum AND chemical-free. Safely protects your kids' skin and does not harm our oceans or sea life. Both sunscreens are Fragrance free.

Kids Sunscreen Stick: Fun Meets Sun Safety

When it comes to ensuring optimal sun protection for your little ones, the best sunscreen stick is an absolute essential. Each OLITA Kids Pack contains the best sunscreen stick which is thoughtfully crafted to ensure easy and smooth application, letting your kids enjoy their fun in the sun without any worries. Moreover, this sunscreen stick isn’t just about convenience – it’s about delivering high-quality sun protection using the power of minerals.

Our mineral sunscreen stick, featured in the OLITA Kids Pack, uses a gentle, reef-safe formula that provides broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection. It's the mineral sunscreen stick that you can trust for your children’s delicate skin. In addition, kids sunscreen stick has been included in the pack, as we believe that every child deserves specialised sun protection that's tailor-made for their sensitive skin.

With the kids sunscreen stick, parents can easily apply sunscreen on their children even on the go, ensuring protection from harmful sun rays. On top of all these features, the OLITA Kids Pack also includes one of the best natural sunscreens for babies. These natural sunscreens are specifically designed to provide gentle yet effective sun protection for the youngest members of the family.

The best natural sunscreens for babies are free from harsh chemicals, making them suitable for their tender and sensitive skin. With the OLITA Kids Pack, you're not only getting the best in sun protection for your family, you're choosing products that care for their skin as much as you do.

Introducing the OLITA Kids Pack, a carefully designed set to make outdoor experiences safer and more enjoyable for your little ones. When it comes to children's skin protection, finding the right kids sunscreen can be a real challenge. The OLITA kids sunscreen is specially formulated with gentle ingredients that shield delicate skin without causing irritation. For a more targeted application, the kids sunscreen stick is a must-have. It's perfect for covering small areas like faces and ears and comes in an easy-to-use applicator that even the children can enjoy using.

But protection doesn't end with sunscreen. The OLITA Kids Pack includes the best reef safe sunscreen, ensuring not only the safety of your children's skin but also the well-being of marine life. The best reef safe sunscreen doesn't contain any harmful chemicals that can damage coral reefs, making it a responsible choice for the environment. And for those sandy beach days, the sand remover included in the pack is a life-saver. No one likes sticky sand on their skin, and the sand remover easily takes care of it without any hassle. With everything from a kids sunscreen stick to a sand remover, the OLITA Kids Pack offers complete solutions for fun and responsible outdoor activities.

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