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Susan Posnick Cosmetics

ILLUMINATES Mineral Powder Highlighter

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Illuminate Your Features With Highlighter Powder Brilliance

Illuminate your skin and achieve an effortless glow with ourILLUMINATES, this barely-there natural makeup mineral powder highlighter for cheeks, eyes, and body. Enjoy the feeling of silk on the skin as this highlighter and beauty treatment enhances your look effortlessly. Long-wearing, all-natural, and versatile, each shade comes in a petite self-dispensing pot with an attached puff and mirror for easy application anywhere, any time.You can use it as your typical highlighter, or, you can use it wet or dry as an eyeshadow – just carefully unscrew the top of the applicator and dip our vegan Multi-Use Brush into the petite and portable pot.

  • Vegan, Gluten-free, Paraben-free, Silicone-free, Cruelty-free
  • Sweat- & Water-resistant, contains Vitamin A and E and is natural physical sun protection enriched. Can be layered over or under ourCOLORFLO and/orCOLORME for beautiful dimensional effects                      


  • Champagne - glimmers with a radiant, soft golden glow (perfect for all undertones)
  • Seduction - twinkles with a subtle, peach pearl essence (perfect for olive undertones)
  • Whisper - glistens like a cool, pale rose' wine (perfect for pink undertones)

Discover the allure of the perfect glow with the Mineral Powder Highlighter. A seamless match for those in search of a Gift set for women, this highlighter exudes luxury and thoughtfulness. Evoking the ethos of Conscious beauty, every sweep of this illuminator respects your skin's integrity. Committed to a more mindful beauty regimen? You'll be pleased to know that our Mineral Powder Highlighter is Paraben free, silicon free, and sulfate free. Each application ensures you're giving your skin only the best, adhering to the highest standards of clean beauty.

Dive into a world of Glowing natural makeup, where each shimmering particle promises an enchanting radiance reminiscent of Natural glam makeup. The light-reflecting particles in the Highlighter powder offer an unmatched brilliance that captures the essence of a sun-kissed look. Whether you're aiming for a subtle luminance or a striking radiance, this Mineral Powder Highlighter effortlessly dances on the skin, ensuring you shine in all the right places. Transform your makeup routine into an art with this beauty essential.

Natural Glam Makeup With Highlighter Powder Elegance

Elevate your beauty regime with the Mineral Powder Highlighter, the ideal inclusion for any Gift set for women. Tailored for those seeking the perfect luminescence, it's the gift of luxury and radiance. Embark on a journey with Conscious beauty, a realm where each product promises more than just external enhancement. The Mineral Powder Highlighter aligns with this ethos, ensuring every application is a testament to Paraben free, silicon free, and sulfate free formulations, which means only the purest touches your skin.

Experience the allure of Glowing natural makeup as this Highlighter powder offers a brilliance reminiscent of the most enchanting sunsets. Whether you're creating a subtle Natural glam makeup look or aiming for a more defined shine, this powder promises versatility and allure. Beauty is not just skin deep; with this Mineral Powder Highlighter, it's ethical, radiant, and absolutely irresistible. Let your skin glow with the charm and purity it truly deserves.