Hauler Seat Bag Bike Pack

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Color Ecopak- Orange

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Bike Seat Bag: Store More, Pedal More

The Hauler Bike Packing Bag is a convertible saddle/messenger bag that is lightweight and versatile. Perfect for backpacking or just around town if you need to carry extra gear. It’s an easy way to carry a substantial amount of cargo to keep on your bike without wearing a pack.

Sewn of upcycled and recycled fabrics in the USA.

Check out our different styles:

WILD will be a variety of 420D-600D Packcloth in random colors made from salvaged industrial tents and awnings.


ECOPAK Sail Cloth is available in a limited edition and will be changing regularly. These bags are made from EcoPak which is made from 100% recycled polyester fibers from plastic bottles. It is laminated and rainproof, so we added high quality YKK Waterproof zippers only in this style for the highest performance option.  


Built-in Colorado - Made in the USA - Limited Lifetime Warranty

NOTE: Color bags are made from a variety of unique colors. No two are exactly the same.

  • Universal hook & loop mounting straps
  • Roll-Top design excludes the need for zippers
  • Easy access front pockets
  • Frame plate secured all sides to protect cargo
  • Straps are minimized for cyclists' safety
  • Upcycled Colored Fabrics
  • Upcycled Ecopak Fabrics
  • Nylon Teeth with Zinc Zipper
  • Nylon Fabrics
  • Hook & Loop
  • Nylon Hardware


9 L x 5 H x 22 D in.

228 x 127 x 558 mm


990 cu in.

16.2 L


17.6 oz

498.9 g

Bike Seat Bag: For Those Long Rides

For every cycling enthusiast, optimizing storage without compromising the ride's quality is a top priority. The bike seat bag serves as a perfect solution, attaching seamlessly to the bike's seat and providing just the right amount of space for essential items. Whether you're on a quick trip to the store or a long-distance journey, the bike seat bag ensures your essentials are safe, accessible, and protected from the elements.

For those who prefer a more concealed and streamlined storage option, the under bike seat bag seamlessly fits the bill. Placed discreetly below the seat, the under bike seat bag offers a balance of form and function, making sure your ride's aesthetic remains uninterrupted. And if you're someone who needs that extra storage for longer trips or just like to be prepared, the large bike seat bag is your go-to. With its expanded capacity, the large bike seat bag ensures you don't have to leave anything behind, all while keeping the weight centered and the ride smooth. With these bags, every ride becomes more convenient and enjoyable.

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