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Green Guru Gear

Gripster Frame Bag

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Bike Frame Bag Triangle: Modern Cyclist's Choice

With its unique triangular shape, the Gripster fits nicely into a corner of your bike frame to store a light jacket, some tools, or snacks. It mounts securely with straps to your frame and is basically the width of your frame making it non-obtrusive, but easily available when in the saddle for quick access.

Sewn of upcycled and recycled fabrics in the USA.

Check out our different styles:

WILD will be 420D-600D Packcloth in random colors made from salvaged industrial tents and awnings.

EARTHTONE will be 420D-600D Packcloth in browns, greens and black salvaged from factory scrap.

CAMOS will range in styles salvaged from other factories. 

ECOPAK Sail Cloth is available in a limited edition white, blaze and purple/pink and will be changing regularly. These bags are made from EcoPak which is made from 100% recycled polyester fibers from plastic bottles. It is laminated and rainproof, so we added high quality YKK Waterproof zippers only in this style for the highest performance option. 

 If you have an oversize frame, just add our extension straps

Made in Colorado - Built in the USA - Limited Lifetime Warranty


Hauler Seat PackFatty Handle Bar Bag     

Universal hook & loop mounting straps
Easy access main zipper pocket


Upcycled Colored Nylon Fabrics
Upcycled Ecopak Fabrics                                                                                            Hook & Loop
Nylon Teeth with Zinc Zipper


7.5 L x 7.5 H x 3 D in.
190 x 190 x 76.2 mm


84 cu in.

1.3 L

2.6 oz.
74 g

Triangle Bike Frame Bag: Efficient and Compact

Tackling the rugged terrains of mountains requires specialized gear, and the mountain bike frame bag is tailored to meet these specific needs. Designed for durability and resilience, the mountain bike frame bag is your trusted partner when you're navigating those challenging off-road trails. Conversely, for the urban cyclist zipping through city roads, the road bike frame bag emerges as the go-to choice. With a sleek design and optimized space, the road bike frame bag perfectly balances style with functionality. Delving into innovative design, the bike frame bag triangle and triangle bike frame bag both prioritize space optimization. These bags fit snugly within your bike's frame, ensuring that every inch is utilized, making them perfect for cyclists keen on maximizing space without compromising on accessibility. Whether it's the city roads or mountain trails, these bags promise to keep your essentials secure and within reach.

When it comes to maximizing storage without compromising on bike dynamics, the bike frame bag triangle offers a seamless solution. Nestled neatly between the bike's triangle frame, the bike frame bag triangle ensures that every possible inch is efficiently utilized, making it a favorite among cyclists who prioritize space optimization. On the other hand, the triangle bike frame bag is not just about the innovative design but also about easy accessibility. Ensuring riders have everything within an arm's reach, the triangle bike frame bag promises security and convenience. Whether embarking on a long journey or navigating city streets, these bags are tailored to keep essentials safe, organized, and easily accessible, making each ride smooth and enjoyable.