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Material Yellow Gold
Size 49 / US 5

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Unembellished Elegance: Simple Engagement Rings


For her Full Moon collection, Natalie Schayes has designed a solitaire ring set with white Diamond.

Inspired by the moon, she imagined a delicate and minimalist design subtly set with white Diamond. The ellipse reveals the beauty of the diamond, just like a shooting star over the moon.

This minimal ring can be perfect as a modern engagement ring.


Crafted in 18k yellow, pink or white gold.

Set with a white Diamonds (0.25ct).

Contact us for any stone or gold jewellery personalization.


From 49 to 56.

Other size on order.

If you are a US customer, please select a size and we will contact you in order to get your exact US ring size.

A Quiet Charm: Simple Engagement Rings for Women

Elegance in simplicity is a timeless truth, and simple engagement rings for women stand as a testament to this. Each ring, stripped of unnecessary extravagance, focuses on the depth of the bond it represents. Choosing simple engagement rings for women is a statement in itself; it emphasizes the value of genuine emotions over materialistic display. It’s a gentle reminder that love, in its purest form, needs no embellishments.

Craftsmanship meets contemporary design in the realm of stylish rings. Each ring boasts of intricate detailing and a design ethos that speaks to today's fashion-forward crowd. For those who appreciate the finer things in life, stylish rings stand as a testament to luxury and modern elegance. Embrace a world of beauty, where every piece tells a story.

There's a certain magic in simplicity, and dainty womens rings embody this sentiment. These dainty womens rings, with their minimalist design, promise to be the perfect accessory for every occasion. Celebrate the allure of understated elegance, making every moment memorable.

Rings have always held symbolic value, representing milestones, commitments, or even personal styles. The essence of a ring is magnified when it sits perfectly on the finger. Enter the size 6 women ring, a size that resonates with many due to its harmonious fit. It's no wonder that size 6 women ring has become a staple in many collections. Looking to elevate your jewelry game? The size 6 women ring delivers, both in fit and fashion.

The Art of Personalized Elegance: Custom Rings for Women

There's something undeniably captivating about solitaire rings for women. Perhaps it's the way they highlight a single gemstone, making it the star of the show. Solitaire rings for women are synonymous with elegance, offering a perfect blend of classic design and contemporary style. Whether worn as an expression of love or as a statement piece, these rings leave an indelible mark, making every occasion truly special.

The beauty of custom rings for women lies in their ability to be singularly unique. They don't just adorn; they symbolize individual stories, memories, and aspirations. Custom rings for women capture moments, desires, and personal tales in the form of beautiful jewelry. It's an intimate experience, crafting and wearing something so personal yet so universally admired.

Women promise rings are more than just an accessory; they're an emblem of a commitment. Whether it's a bond between friends, lovers, or a personal commitment to oneself, these rings serve as a gentle reminder of promises made and kept. Women promise rings weave together intricate designs with deep-rooted meanings. They resonate with every woman's desire for a symbol that's as steadfast as the promise it represents.


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