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Laura Elizabeth Jewelry

Erin (moon) Ring

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Define Your Style: Fashion Rings for Women

  • Cast in 100% recycled brass & 14 karat-gold/sterling silver plated
  • All LEJ plated jewelry is plated with 3 microns of gold or silver versus the common 1 micron
  • Ring was sustainably cast in downtown Los Angeles 
  • Ring is easily adjustable
  • There's no nickel, cadmium or lead in our jewelry - making it low toxic

**** The Erin ring was taken off the website for a few month to make improvements. Now, she will last even longer! Laura Elizabeth is finding new ethically sourced stones to offer even more options. STAY TUNED****

I named this moon and stone/star ring after my friend Erin. The waxing and waning of the moon is a beautiful constant changing existence. I've known Erin over 14 years and have watched her choose to dive into the discomfort of change (for the better). Hence naming this piece after her.

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Experience the elegance of epochs with brass rings, melding history with handcrafted beauty. Brass rings become bearers of tales, timeless and telling. Echoing the elegance of everyday, simple rings become symbols of sheer sophistication. With simple rings, subtlety stands out, signifying style. Elevate everyday ensembles with fashion rings for women, where design meets desire. These fashion rings for women are celebrations of chic. Embrace the ethereal with pretty rings, painting portraits of pure perfection. In the canvas of charm, pretty rings are the most coveted colors. Embark on an expedition of unique rings, where each piece paves a path of unparalleled artistry. Unique rings unravel stories, singular and striking. Evoke emotions with cute women rings, where every piece pulsates with playful perfection. Amidst the array of adornments, both cute rings and the captivating cute ring become the heartbeats of happiness.

A Symphony of Stars: The Moon Ring

Harness the magic of the cosmos with a moon ring, designed to reflect the serene glow of the night's most cherished symbol. Each moon ring is crafted with precision, echoing the moon's natural allure and mystique. Its ethereal design is perfect for day-to-night transitions, effortlessly complementing any attire. For individuals who are moonstruck or simply looking for a piece that stands out, this ring offers a tangible connection to the stars above.