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Green Guru Gear

Duzer Frame Bag

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Elevate Comfort With Cozy Blanket

The Duzer frame bag designed with Ryan Van Duzer works great on most bikes to give that space when on a trek out & about, around town, on dirt, or on that long road trip. Stash your personal belongings for your daily ride or your next bikepacking trip.

Note: Each one is made with Ecopak made from 100% recycled water bottles. It comes in an orange color for now.

Sewn upcycled and recycled fabrics in the USA.


Hauler Seat PackFatty Handle Bar Bag     

  • Universal hook & loop mounting straps

  •  Easy access main zipper pocket


Upcycle Ecopak Fabric

Hook & Loop                                                                                                                Nylon Teeth with Zinc Zipper.



5.5 L x 5 H x 2 D in.

139.7 x 127 x 50.8 mm


55 cu in.

1 L


4 oz.

113.4 grams 

Off-Road Journey Must-Have: Gravel Bike Frame Bag

For those always on the move, a Bike frame bag is an indispensable accessory. Designed to fit snugly against your bicycle's frame, a Bike frame bag offers streamlined storage, ensuring your essentials are always within arm's reach. If you often find yourself on city streets, a road bike frame bag might be the perfect fit for you. Specifically tailored to cater to the needs of urban cyclists, the road bike frame bag offers sleek and functional design, providing easy access while navigating through traffic.

Venturing off the beaten path? The gravel bike frame bag is built with durability in mind, ensuring your belongings stay protected even on the roughest terrains. For those who prefer a more compact solution, the bike frame bag small size offers the same high-quality storage but in a condensed form. No matter your cycling needs or preferences, there's a bag designed to offer the perfect blend of function and style. Elevate your riding experience today with these meticulously crafted bags.

For those who love the thrill of off-road adventures, the gravel bike frame bag is an essential companion. Designed specifically to withstand the unpredictability of gravel trails, the gravel bike frame bag ensures that your essentials remain safe and easily accessible throughout your ride. Whether it's a long trek or a short dash through winding paths, this bag remains securely attached, letting you focus solely on the journey ahead.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you're someone who prioritizes minimalism without compromising on utility, the bike frame bag small variant is ideal for you. It seamlessly blends with the bike's aesthetics while providing enough space for your immediate essentials. Its compact size means you can navigate through crowded cityscapes without any hindrance. Whether you're hitting gravel trails or city streets, these bags cater to all your needs, elevating your cycling experience every step of the way.