COLORFLO Brush - Mineral Makeup & Physical Sun Protection (12 Shades)

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Best Foundation For Combination Skin: Flawless Coverage With COLORFLO Brush

All natural brush-on powder sunscreen, anti-aging skin treatment, and mineral foundation color all in one, to nourish and perfect all skins at any age. Protect your face body and hands from the harmful rays of the sun, blue light, and environmental pollutants at the same time with natural sun protection and zinc oxide. Unlike chemical sunscreens which take up to half an hour to create a chemical filter of the sun, these healthiest physical sunscreens immediately block harmful UVA and UVB rays. 

It will never clog pores or irritate sensitive skin conditions – in fact, it is so pure and gentle it can be applied immediately after skin treatments (like facials and peels). When spotted on blemishes it can heal them in half the time! This is why it is a makeup go-to for covering and calming redness and rashes, as well, rosacea, eczema and more. Each COLORFLO brush is hand-made and refillable.

  • 100% Vegan, Gluten free, Paraben free, Silicone free, Cruelty free
  • ALL-INCLUSIVE SHADE RANGE- 12 foundation colors that are invisible and weightless on the skin, yet provide excellent coverage and sun protection, making the skin look naturally flawless in seconds! 
  • Water and sweat resistant, will not settle in lines, cake, crease or smudge, great controllable coverage with an airbrushed finish
  • Compact and portable- great for travel anywhere and everywhere- touch ups are a breeze
  • Environmental design

    ***If the product stops flowing through brush hair: Tap the bottom of the brush on a hard surface or across the edge of your palm a few times, or part the brush hairs and use a pin or paperclip to clear the hole in the cone where the product flows through.

    Achieving that soft natural makeup look is now simpler than ever with the COLORFLO Brush. With just a few strokes, you can effortlessly get that soft natural makeup look and a natural glow makeup that resonates beauty. Ever wondered how to get that radiant natural glow makeup that celebrities flaunt? It's all in the blending. Enhance your gift set for women with this tool, making it an indispensable element in achieving a flawless finish.

    Achieve Natural Glow Makeup With Our Mineral Powder Expertise

    Mineral powder adheres perfectly, giving the skin a smooth, luminous finish. With mineral powder gaining popularity for its skin-friendly properties, having the right brush to apply it is paramount. When it comes to foundation for combination skin, the hunt can be tedious. But with COLORFLO Brush, the application of both the best foundation for combination skin and the best foundation for coverage becomes seamless. Moreover, if you're using makeup powder foundation, this brush ensures an even layer, making your skin look impeccable. The makeup blending brush is designed with precision, suitable for every makeup enthusiast or professional aiming for perfection. Say goodbye to patchy makeup with this makeup blending brush, your ultimate tool for a unified look.

    Soft Natural Makeup Look: The Ultimate Gift Set For Women

    Looking for that perfect gift set for women who adore a soft natural makeup look? The COLORFLO Brush is here to elevate their makeup game. With the precision of this brush, achieving a soft natural makeup look becomes effortless, ensuring every stroke adds to the allure. If it's the coveted natural glow makeup you're aiming for, this tool is your best ally. Twice as efficient and gentle on the skin, it lets the natural glow makeup radiate with perfection.

    The true marvel lies in its adaptability. Whether you're using mineral powder or diving deep into the realms of makeup powder foundation, the COLORFLO Brush ensures seamless blending. Speaking of foundations, finding the best foundation for combination skin or even just a foundation for combination skin can be challenging. Yet, with this brush, you not only get flawless application but also the best foundation for coverage. No streaks, no patches, just immaculate coverage. To top it all, the makeup blending brush aspect of the COLORFLO makes sure every product on your face comes together in a harmonious blend, resulting in a mesmerizing finish every time.


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