COLORDUO Lipliner & Matte Lipstick

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What sets this pencil apart? How about two (2) luxury lipliners, two (2) matte lipsticks, a lip plumping agent, and even lip sunscreen all in one portable pencil! Made intentionally with antioxidant vitamin E for moisture, and jojoba oil for natural sun protection, discover limitless possibilities when used alone or in step makeup under our COLORESSENTIAL lipstick range.

  • Cruelty-Free, Gluten-Free, Paraben, and Silicone Free    
  • Long-wearing, creamy yet non-feathering, won’t settle into lines around the mouth
  • Features two universally flattering colors for every shade of skin and lip color: Nude, a matte wear-with-everything pink/brown, and Rouge, the perfect matte-red                                                                                                                                                                       


Natural Beauty Shines: Pillow Talk Lipstick & Natural Lipstick Collection

Step into a world where beauty is effortlessly achieved with the Lipliner & Matte Lipstick set. A must-have in every makeup set for women, it encompasses all the essentials to define, shape, and color your lips to perfection. For those who appreciate variety and value, the makeup bundle offers a curated collection, making it an ideal lipstick gift set for both novices and beauty aficionados. Dive deep into the intricacies of the lip liners set, tailored to match and enhance the richness of every lipstick shade.

Precision Crafted: Lip Pencils For The Perfect Finish

Natural lipstick hues are crafted to perfection, ensuring they complement every skin tone. For an iconic look, the pillow talk lipstick remains a staple, while the timeless allure of lipstick kiss offers a captivating finish. For individuals on the go, you'll be smitten with the lipstick that stays on, promising hours of uninterrupted glamour. Explore the precision of matte lip liner, the bold statement of red matte lipstick, and the subtle distinction between matte red lipstick. Celebrate inclusivity with the nude lipstick for brown skin and nude lipsticks for fair skin, designed thoughtfully to elevate every complexion. Both nude lipstick matte and matte nude lipstick bring forth a velvety finish, unparalleled in beauty and longevity. And for those who value the art of outlining, lip pencils remain the unsung hero, bringing definition and depth to every lip look. Make every moment memorable with the Lipliner & Matte Lipstick set, where elegance meets excellence.

Timeless Elegance: Lipstick That Stays On

Elevate your beauty game with the Lipliner & Matte Lipstick set, an essential addition to any makeup set for women who cherish versatility and elegance. As a makeup bundle, it provides both seasoned beauty enthusiasts and newcomers with an array of colors and tools, ensuring each look is crafted to perfection. A lipstick gift set is more than just a collection; it's a celebration of beauty, and this set showcases it brilliantly. Delve into the artistry of the lip liners set, meticulously designed to complement and elevate every lip shade in the bundle.

Red Matte Lipstick & Nude Lipstick For Every Skin Tone

Natural lipstick has always been a favored choice, and with this set, one gets the true essence of nature-inspired beauty. Dive deep into conversations or enjoy silent moments with the enchanting pillow talk lipstick, a shade that narrates tales of beauty. The allure of a lipstick kiss is undeniable, and with lipstick that stays on, every smile, pout, and peck becomes memorable. Master the art of definition with the precision of matte lip liner, and choose between the boldness of red matte lipstick or the subtle charm of matte red lipstick, depending on your mood. Inclusivity shines through with the nude lipstick for brown skin, ensuring every beauty finds her match. Nude lipsticks for fair skin are curated with care, blending seamlessly for a natural look. The collection offers choices aplenty with both nude lipstick matte and matte nude lipstick, catering to every matte lover's dream. And to ensure every application is flawless, lip pencils stand ready, making sure your lips are always in the limelight. Step into a world of refined beauty with the Lipliner & Matte Lipstick set, where every hue is a story waiting to be worn.

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