Clear Givings Masami Bundle

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Elevate Your Hair Game with the Styling Cream of Clear Givings Masami Bundle

This bundle contains everything you need from MASAMI to get a head start on clean, nourishing hair care! 

MASAMI’s clean formulations give your hair massive levels of botanical hydration without weighing it down.  MASAMI is formulated with the wonder ocean botanical, Mekabu, and other ingredients such as japonica laminaria, blueberry extract, aloe & grapeseed oil.

Most importantly, no phthalates, sulfates or parabens. MASAMI is high performing and a luxurious feeling that works for every hair type. Always vegan & cruelty free. 

A value of $346!

Mekabu shampoo & conditioner with ceramic refillable 32 oz bottles 

These nutrient-rich formulations fortify and reawaken hair. Apricot oil, coconut oil and Laminaria Japonica (kombu), aloe vera, blueberry extract, Vitamin B provide the nutrients and vitamins important for healthy hair. 

Full size shine serum - 2oz - enhances shine while leaving hair soft and silky

This multi-tasking, lightweight, oil-free, water-free, and frizz-free serum protects your hair from heat styling. It adds vibrancy to hair color while providing the nutrients necessary for long term nourishment and care.

Full size styling cream - 4oz - a gentle hold that keeps hair flawlessly in place

Mekabu and Aloe Vera add hydration, protection and shine, while Vitamin E, Grapeseed, and Sweet Almond Oils help nourish the hair from root to tip, eliminating frizz for a natural, soft, silky look. Great for heat protection, defining curls, holding up fly-aways, and so much more!

Revolutionary Hair Serum Experience

Gifting can sometimes be a challenge, especially when looking for something that encompasses both luxury and utility. Enter the Men gift set of Clear Givings Masami Bundle. This curated collection brings together top-tier grooming essentials tailored for the modern man. Every component in the Men gift set of Clear Givings Masami Bundle is designed with a clear focus on quality and performance, ensuring that the recipient feels valued and pampered. Whether it's for a special occasion or simply to show appreciation, this set stands out as a thoughtful choice. Dive into the world of premium care with the Clear Givings Masami Bundle, where every product echoes the ethos of excellence and refinement.

The Hair Serum Revolution Begins

Looking for that flawless finish and lasting hold for your hair? The Styling cream of Clear Givings Masami Bundle has got you covered. Infused with natural ingredients, this Styling cream not only provides a sophisticated hold but also nourishes your hair with every application. The power of the Clear Givings Masami Bundle is evident in its smooth texture, allowing for easy application without any residue. No more worries about flyaways or unmanageable hair. With the Styling cream of Clear Givings Masami Bundle, achieving that salon-perfect look at home becomes an effortless endeavor. Dive into the transformative experience and let your hair speak volumes about your impeccable taste.

When you're on a quest to transform dull, frizzy hair into sleek, shining strands, the right Hair serum is your ultimate weapon. Each drop of this Hair serum works diligently, coating every strand to protect against breakage, humidity, and heat damage. Say goodbye to the days of unmanageable tresses and welcome a future of lustrous, envy-inducing hair. Whether you're heading out for an evening event or simply want a confidence boost for your daily endeavors, trust in the transformative magic of this Hair serum. As you embrace the serum's benefits, you'll wonder how you ever managed without its nourishing touch.

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