Braided Macrame Metal Art

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The Braided Macrame Metal Art is a gorgeous representation of what happens when two artisans use their skills to create one beautiful piece.  First, Belony creates the metal semi-circle using recycled metal from oil drums.  Then, Vi Bella Artisan, Gernise, adds the finishing macrame touch which softens up the industrial feel of the metal.  We love how approachable this piece is for any decorating style!

About the Artisans

Vi Bella has been partnering with Belony for a couple of years now! It's amazing how all of this detailed metal work is done by his hands with just a hammer, a chisel, and a few other tools.  

Gernise is not only a talented seamstress on our team, but she can do some mean macrame as well!  We hope to incorporate more of her macrame work in the near future!


  • 16" diameter. 
  • Mix of black, brown, tan, and natural macrame rope.
  • Handmade in Haiti

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