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Proof Eyewear


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Unleash Your Style with Cool Sunglasses

  • Handcrafted from recycled aluminum & cotton-based acetate

  • Polarized anti-reflective lens | UVA/UVB 400 protection

  • Stainless steel spring-loaded hinges – fits most face shapes and sizes

  • Water and sweat-resistant

  • BPA free

  • Quote Inside: Stoked not stressed

  • Accents of wood integrated with your frame 

The Astronaut is an out-of-this-world concept brought to life by its spherical shape as well as its mirrored lenses. With its out-of-this-world shape and strong frame structure, this is sure to be a frame that never goes out of style. The Astronaut has maximum face coverage and a whole lot of style. Feel as if you are a part of the first mission to the moon. While wearing, gravity distortion may vary. 

Extreme attention to detail is placed in each frame and every style features a unique laser-engraved quote on the inside arm.  Every frame purchase comes standard with a folding cork case and microfiber cloth to protect and clean your frames.

Proof has been pioneering sustainable eyewear from the beginning and is committed to making a positive impact through Do Good initiatives in our local & global communities. 

Eco-Friendly Sunglasses: Merging Sustainability with Trendsetting Design

Astronaut is the epitome of cool sunglasses, offering a sophisticated yet edgy vibe to anyone who wears them. These cool sunglasses are not only about the looks, they also provide unparalleled UV protection for your eyes. Each pair is a testament to eco-friendly sunglasses, crafted meticulously with materials that respect our planet. Being eco-friendly sunglasses doesn't mean compromising on durability; these are as sturdy as they come, combining style with conscious living.

The lenses are polarized glasses, designed to cut through glare and enhance vision clarity. Polarized glasses are a must-have for anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors, ensuring a crisp view even on the sunniest days. As stylish sunglasses for men, Astronaut sets a high standard. The cutting-edge design and color options make these stylish sunglasses for men a worthy addition to any wardrobe.

With the acetate sunglasses frame, Astronaut provides a lightweight yet robust construction, ensuring lasting comfort and durability. The use of acetate sunglasses material brings a vintage charm without sacrificing modern performance. Opting for aluminum sunglasses, on the other hand, provides a unique aesthetic and advanced strength. These aluminum sunglasses incorporate a metallic flair into the overall design, pushing the boundaries of traditional eyewear fashion.

Finally, Astronaut also offers mirrored sunglasses that reduce eye strain by reflecting more light. Their functionality doesn't overshadow the style; mirrored sunglasses simply elevate the overall look, adding a dash of mystery to your outfit. With the varied options and exceptional features, Astronaut helps you express your personal style while providing top-notch eye protection.