Amani Bracelet

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Bangle Bracelets Fusion: The Beaded Bracelet Revolution

Inspired by the RoHo sandal line, these Amani leather bracelets come in a number of fabulous accent colors. Perfect with jeans, Amani bracelets radiate strength and determination. Hand beaded glass beads on leather.


This handcrafted jewelry is ethically made by 36 women and 6 men in coastal Kenya. RoHo Goods' artisans are paid 50% above industry standard, and they pay for their artisans' children to attend quality private schools in the area.

Introducing the Amani Bracelet, a symbol of enduring bonds and cherished memories. Every strand and bead of this beaded friendship bracelet is meticulously crafted, representing the intricate patterns of human relationships. It's not just an accessory; it's a beaded friendship bracelet that tells a story, encapsulating moments of laughter, joy, and shared secrets.

Discover the Amani Bracelet, an emblem of beauty, ethics, and friendship. If you're in search of fair trade gifts for her that encompass meaning and style, look no further. Every Amani Bracelet stands as a testament to fair trade gifts for her, ensuring that artisans are compensated justly, while offering a gift that's close to the heart. Considered one of the coolest bracelets in contemporary jewelry, its design speaks volumes. Not just any bracelet, it's distinguished as the coolest bracelet, making it an instant favorite among fashion aficionados.

Coolest Bracelet Meets Beaded Friendship Charm

Delving deeper into its design, the Amani Bracelet is a harmonious blend of bangle bracelets and beaded craftsmanship. Bangle bracelets have always been a timeless accessory, and the Amani takes it up a notch with intricate detailing. Interwoven within its structure, you'll find a delicate array of beaded bracelet designs. This beaded bracelet element introduces a touch of bohemian chic, complementing the robust structure of bangle bracelets. But what makes the Amani truly special is its embodiment of friendship. Inspired by traditional designs, it's a beaded friendship bracelet that celebrates bonds and shared memories. Gift the Amani Bracelet to someone special and let it be a symbol of your enduring connection.

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