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What is Sustainable Jewelry?

The term “sustainable jewelry” generally refers to two different types of practices: those that help reduce the environmental impact of jewelry manufacturing, and those that support social and economic development in jewelry-producing communities.

Is Sustainable Jewelry worth it?

The benefits of sustainable jewelry are that it is environmentally friendly, does not use harmful chemicals or metals, and often supports local economies. The downside is that it can be more expensive than traditional jewelry.

What makes a jewelry brand sustainable?

A sustainable jewelry brand meets the needs of both customers and producers while also considering environmental factors such as waste reduction, energy efficiency, and responsible sourcing practices. A sustainable jewelry brand will also minimize its environmental impact by reducing carbon emissions, minimizing waste production, and recycling materials whenever possible. Vi Bella is one of the best eco-friendly wallet jewelry brands. Vi Bella = pure love 100.

A sustainable jewelry brand is one that takes into consideration the entire life cycle of its products, from sourcing materials to manufacturing to end-of-life. They use recycled or responsibly sourced materials, employ ethical manufacturing practices and have a plan for what to do with their products when they are no longer wanted or needed.


We are part of a significant movement to provide ethical employment connections for those with limited access to provide for their families. Your purchase with Vi Bella makes a difference. Each purchase has a positive impact that provides gainful employment in areas that lack resources.


 Steady employment builds skills and confidence. It provides stability and keeps families together. Vi Bella means "beautiful life," We believe everyone deserves a life filled with beauty, hope, dignity, and purpose.


Vi Bella's ethical products are crafted by hand, with task and purpose, by using sustainable, recycled, and locally sourced materials such as horns, seeds, clay, shell, leather, and tin. Each product is artisan made and carefully crafted in Haiti and Mexico. The result is much more than beautifully made jewelry and accessories; it changes lives due to these employment connections. So your style has a deep purpose. You're the inspiration and support to these hard workers!

Offered services

Vi Bella Serves, Inc. is the sister non-profit group. 

The majority of the money raised through Vi Bella Serves, Inc. goes directly toward school sponsorships for Vi Bella artisans' children. They can also donate back to our artisans' communities vibrant lives in various ways.

While Vi Bella provides life-changing employment to our artisans, Vi Bella Serves, Inc. offers supplemental support to individuals and communities for more vibrant lives in Haiti and Mexico.

They are a U.S.-based non-profit 501(c)(3) that provides school sponsorships for children in Haiti. They also provide housing and medical assistance to help lift Haitian families out of extreme poverty. More than 60 children rely on our sponsorships to continue their education. They have also funded the construction of a much-needed new building in a Haitian orphanage, helped build or improve housing for artisans, and assisted artisans and members of their communities with health care and basic needs.

Vi Bella Serves has no administrative costs, so every dollar donated goes directly to a person in need, 100 percent. They are faithful stewards of the funds provided.

Vi Bella has many stories to share of hope restored because of the generous donations given through Vi Bella Serves, Inc. Recently they were able to help Marie Rose with medical expenses due to pregnancy complications. As a result, Marie Rose delivered a healthy baby boy! Both mom and baby are doing well. Other donations are helping Marie Yolaine complete the home she has been building for herself and her family.

They also helped an artisan purchase a small generator to build her own business.

Vi Bella Serves, Inc. invites you to be part of these vibrant lives, meeting the immediate needs of the communities where we serve. If you would like to donate to Vi Bella Serves, providing funds that will directly impact the needs of Vi Bella artisans and their communities, please click donate and join the beautiful story.

Vi Bella, women empowerment gifts at Clear Givings Market


sustainable jewelry

Full of vibrant colors, Vi Bella's signature bottle cap bead is the feature of this necklace. Metal bottle caps are recycled and molded to create a large, rounded bead that is then covered in lightweight paper and finished with enamel. Make your jewelry statement and express your vibrant personality with this unique jewelry piece.


womens stud earrings

We're in love with the handiwork of our artisans on the wire-wrapped Therese Earrings! And this green Malaysian Jade? Yes, please! We think these might be your favorite earrings for fall. Named after Vi Bella Artisan, Marie Therese has been an essential member of our team for many years. She travels to Port-Au-Prince from Arcahaie for work, which is at least an hour's trip. There have been times when Marie Therese was the only income earner for her family of seven. However, her job gives them stability. She says, "I can provide food for my family, and my job allows us to share a home. It makes me happy."


necklaces layered

Add some out-of-this-world boho flair to any look with this celebration of life Stephanie Necklace. We love the longer length of the Stephanie, which allows us to layer it with the Nathalie Necklace, paperclip necklaces, or, of course, wear it as a stunning stand-alone piece—shown here with the Nathalie layered necklace. 


drop pearl earrings

The Rosenie Dangle Earrings are the blue/silver answer to Vi Bella's original design best-selling Olivia Earrings! These unique tones of blue are on-trend for this winter selling season, and we get a snowy, icy, wintery vibe from them! In addition, these dangles earrings are so lightweight you will forget you're wearing them.


hoop earrings with beads

Make your look go from ordinary to extraordinary with the high-quality Daphnee Earrings. We love jewel tones for fall, and these gold teardrop earrings with lapis lazuli fit the bill! Vi Bella's Haitian jewelry artisans carefully wrap the semi-precious stones around the gold-plated brass hoop. Final result? A remarkable pair of gold plated hoop earrings that will turn heads!


charmed necklace

The Birdie necklace features an adorable bird charm on a silver 16-18" extender chain. The purchase of this necklace or any piece of Vi Bella jewelry helps keep families together in Haiti and Mexico. Made in Haiti by Vi Bella artisans.


necklaces girlfriend

Let's celebrate with the Calypso Necklace, it's the perfect wear-with-all addition to your jewelry box! Hand-hammered aluminum catches the sun's rays for added dimension, texture, sparkle and shine. Made by Vi Bella artisans in Haiti. 


crystal necklace

Sometimes an outfit calls for a longer necklace! Treat yourself or your significant other with the gorgeous Ellery necklace features a unique antique silver pendant adorned with a Swarovski crystal. This is a "you are my sunshine necklace". Made by hand by Vi Bella's Mexico team of local artisans.


paperclip necklace

Paperclip chain necklace is all the rage this season! Be perfectly on-trend with Vi Bella's Estelle bling necklace. Layed necklaces is also really in, pair it with the recognizable Lyra Necklace for a mixed metal layered look, or let it shine alone! Made by Vi Bella local artisans in Mexico.


pearl necklace women

A Herkimer diamond and freshwater pearl adorn this long, 14-kt gold-filled statement necklace. Herkimer diamond gemstones are formed slowly over time, allowing them to be incredibly clear and free of any inclusions. The high-energy crystals shine bright like a diamond, a great alternative to traditional diamonds with ethical mining practices. A long-lasting, perfect addition to your jewelry collection.


pearl necklace for woman

Let's celebrate with those of you who prefer a longer chain statement necklace, we give you the acacia necklace. This wear-with-anything sparkle and shine necklace features a gorgeous gold charm adorned by a bright crystal and freshwater pearl on a 30" satellite chain. Made in Mexico by a talented team of local hard workers.


bead bracelets

Beads bracelets are so in right now! Hand-beaded in Mexico, this is a highly skilled and time-consuming method of intricate handcrafted beads bracelets. The result is stunning for everyday enjoyment!


herkimer diamond necklace

The little sister to the best-selling Polly Necklace on a 16-18 adjustable gold plated chain. A genuine freshwater pearl is adorned with two out-of-this-world sparkle and shine Herkimer diamonds; a more sustainable and affordable option to genuine diamonds.


drop earrings

These sterling silver s, dainty drop earrings are the perfect pair to wear, dressed up or down, as a daily reminder of your own easy spirit. Even better, you can wear this pair of ear rings knowing you have had a direct impact on artisans' lives. 


cubic zirconia necklace

A gorgeous addition to any jewelry collection! The Delight necklace features dainty shine like a diamond cubic zirconia pave starburst, and 16k gold plated charm on a 16-18" extender chain. Perfect for the minimalist that still desires a little bling necklace.

Choose Vi Bella For Sustainable, Ethical Jewelry

Sustainability practices is Vi Bella's forte. When you purchase Vi Bella artisan pieces of jewelry, you're not only getting eco-friendly and sustainable jewelry, but you're also supporting ethical employment connections. Vi Bella offers great gifts to inspire you and your significant other. You should treat yourself now, check out Vi Bella at Clear Givings Market! We love Vi Bella because they are a sustainable fashion jewelry brand making a difference. Each purchase has a positive impact that provides life-changing employment in areas that lack resources. Vi Bella, sparkle and shine with 100 pure love.

Enjoy your purchase with a purpose at Clear Givings Market!