Dooeys | The Best Women's House Shoes and Lady Slippers

House Shoes For Indoor

Dooeys are stylish house shoes — or as we like to call them, slip-on shoes — built for all-day comfort. Our slip-on shoes are cozy, lightweight, and made from plant-based & recycled materials. We’ve got a lot of life to live, and we want the earth here for it.


Whether you're...

- Working from home

- Hosting a dinner party

- Binging on Netflix

- Cooking up a storm

- Having a girl's night

- Tackling a house project

- Staying on top of your self-care game

We got you covered. We made womens house shoes just for you. #doyourthingsindooeys


Dreamed up by a Seattleite abroad. Designed in Amsterdam. Made in Portugal.

Tired of choosing between unsupportive slippers and outdoor sneakers at home, founder Jordan Clark craved a stylish, comfortable ladies house shoes that still captured the coziness of the traditional shoe slippers. So, finding nothing with earth-friendly materials, actual foot support, and a relaxed style, she created it.

Fun fact! Dooeys are named after our founder’s favorite Dutch word, “Dooeys,” as a nod to her former home abroad — Amsterdam. So Dooyes means goodbye and is almost always spoken with a uniquely chipper enthusiasm.

Give those old, floppy, unsupportive slippers an enthusiastic Dooeys — and slide your feet into their new favorite slip on shoes, Dooeys!

How these fluffy slippers at Dooeys are made


We believe in creating the change we want to see. So we've chosen high-quality, plant-based, and recycled materials to make every slipshoe®. Plus, we offset carbon emissions on every order shipped. 


Sourced from apple skins and cores, our beautiful yet durable Apple Leather is 100% vegan and made from waste recovered from the apple juice industry in Northern Italy. This reduces CO2 impact significantly compared to animal leather and faux leather made from 100% fossil fuels.


We use sugarcane EVA for our soles which has the same softness and flexibility of traditional EVA foam found in sneakers but replaces petroleum-based material with a bio-based alternative — sugarcane! In addition, raw sugarcane is a renewable resource that reduces greenhouse gas emissions by absorbing CO2 in the atmosphere.

Recycled Plastic Bottles For Shoe Soles

Soft and breathable, our shoe soles are made from a combination of recycled plastic bottles and post-consumer recycled polyester. Any scraps produced in the process are recovered and used for future rolls of material, creating a zero-waste system.


Cork is just the bark of a cork tree, making it a super-renewable, local resource in Portugal that can be sourced without harvesting trees. It's odor-resistant, anti-bacterial, and shock absorbing. We pair it with natural latex or recycled foam to provide a supportive, springy feel.

Recycled Polyester

Made from post-industrial polyester scrap, our premium vegan suede is luxurious to the touch and has reduced fossil energy consumption compared to the traditional petrol-based polyester production process.

Organic Cotton to help with sweating & warmth

Organic cotton, grown without harmful chemicals, is better for workers' health, prevents water contamination, and is safer for our skin. Plus, it uses up to 71% less water than conventional cotton. In addition, we use GOTS-certified organic for the lining of our House Shoes, making them the perfect balance of cozy & breathable.


Recycled Rubber For Our Rubber Indoor Outdoor Sole & Traction

Did you know rubber comes from a milky white liquid extracted from the Hevea-Brasilienis tree? Our recycled rubber soles in our House Sandals provide support, grip, and style.


Recycled Foam

Cushioning is key to Dooeys' comfort, and our insoles are made from recycled plastic and provide that cushy feeling without sacrificing sustainability.


Recycled Packaging

Our packaging is made from recycled materials. For example, the Dooeys shoe box is made from recycled cardboard and ready to ship, requiring no additional cartons. Plus, we only use recycled packing paper to protect your house shoes during transit.


Dooeys provide coziness and all-day comfort with these lady slippers. So whether you're cooking a meal, chasing little ones, or just getting things done around the house, our sneaker-like soles and supportive insoles are sure to treat your feet right at home.


We pride ourselves on doing small batch production, buying as close to demand as possible to prevent overproduction. We produce our slip-on shoes at a small factory in Portugal that is dedicated to ethical manufacturing, ensuring fair treatment of all workers, and providing a safe and healthy work environment.

The Best Shoes In House and Slippers at Dooyes

LADIES COZY SLIP-ON: Black House Mules

slip-ons shoes

The perfect ladies' house shoes for any occasion.

The black house mules are a go-to for any outfit and provide the support you need to conquer life at home and the coziness you crave when kicking back. Effortlessly dress them up or down for wherever the day takes you at home.

Cozy Indoor/Outdoor Slippers: Blush House Sandals

house shoes memory foam

Finally...slippers for summertime, the best summer house shoes for women.

Dooeys house sandals are stylish with a touch of cozy and dooeys' signature support. So take them from indoors to outdoors and enjoy all your living spaces at home.

SHEARLING SLIPPERS: Honey Beige House Mules

slippers for house

Finally, a pair of comfy house slippers that look good.

These house mules are everything you need to tie your outfit together while staying cozy and supported. The cool honey beige is versatile and elegant and will be your all-season favorite. Effortlessly dress them up or down for wherever the day takes you at home.

MOCCASIN SLIPPERS: Blue / Grey House Loafers

moccasin slippers, grey

A new look for your next step, beautiful moccasin slippers in the house for women.

Meet the ultimate slippers for house. These blue/grey cool-toned house shoes are a chic and neutral companion to any outfit. Effortlessly dress them up or down for wherever the day takes you at home.

Are Dooeys womens house shoes sustainable?

Dooeys are thoughtfully designed and consciously crafted in Europe, where we have partnered with a factory focusing on sustainable processes. As a result, we choose plant-based and recycled materials to make our house shoes, which are 100% vegan.

We also purchase carbon offsets for every order shipment and donate to environmental organizations.

Where are Dooeys quality lady slippers made?

We are proud to say Dooeys are ethically made at a small factory in Portugal, a country well known for its manufacturing of high-quality footwear. 

Cleaning & care recommendations for house shoes

You can clean the apple leather with a damp cloth for exterior cleaning. As for the vegan recycled polyester suede, it will depend on the cleaning need:

SPOT CLEANING: Gently pat spills with a paper towel until absorbed. For dried-in soiling, lightly brush or vacuum the stained area. If this doesn’t work, try wiping the stained area outside with a well-wrung white cloth dampened in lukewarm water.

OIL-BASED STAINS: Try to wipe up oily stains as much as possible—without spreading the stain—with a dry cloth or paper towel. Pat the stained area with a white cloth soaked in ethyl alcohol from the outside, and pat the loosened dirt and oil off with a dry cloth.

You can clean the cork insoles with a damp cloth for interior cleaning. Pro tip: for your Dooeys or any other shoes, we suggest placing Natural Bamboo Charcoal Bags inside when you’re not wearing them to absorb excess moisture and remove any odor. 

Choose Clear Givings Market / Dooeys for sustainable, ethical house shoes

Sustainability practices are Clear Givings Market / Dooeys forte. When you purchase Dooeys, you're not only getting eco-friendly and sustainable shoes in the house, but you're also supporting ethical employment connections. Clear Givings Market / Dooeys offer great gifts to inspire you and your significant other, friends, and family. 

Treat yourself now, check out Dooeys at Clear Givings Market! We love how Dooeys is revolutionizing the women's house shoes industry and making a powerful difference. Each purchase has a positive impact, providing life-changing employment in areas that lack resources.

Enjoy your purchase with a purpose at  Clear Givings Market!