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What is copper-hammered cookware?

Copper hammered cookware has a hammered copper exterior finish, which looks beautiful and reacts quickly to changes in heat, making it ideal for cooking delicate sauces or precise recipes. It is usually made with a tri-ply stainless steel construction, providing even heat throughout the entire pan. It is often topped with polished stainless steel lids and riveted handles and is oven and broiler safe, making it versatile and durable. The copper pots and pans set usually includes all the essentials you need to cook a delicious meal for your loved ones.

Why are chef copper pans hammered?

Chef copper pans are often hammered to give them a classic look and a unique texture that helps distribute heat more evenly when cooking. Copper chef cookware can also be low-stick, as the surface helps to reduce porosity, making it easier to clean and cook with. Additionally, copper chef cookware can be more aesthetically pleasing than its smooth counterparts. Finally, the patina forms with age can be desirable for some, adding character and charm to the kitchen.

There are a few reasons why copper pots and red copper pan are hammered. One reason is that it helps to distribute heat more evenly. Another reason is that it strengthens the copper pots and makes them less likely to warp. Hammering also gives the pot a beautiful, textured finish.

Is copper cookware safe?

Yes, copper cookware is safe, as it is oven and broiler safe up to 500°F, it's also wooden utensils safe, and has an ultra slick non-stick surface. It is also PFOA-free and dishwasher-safe. In addition, it's not prone to rust and is corrosion resistance.

Hammered copper cookware is safe if it is lined with another material, such as tin coating or stainless steel. Copper is a soft metal and can be easily damaged, so it's essential to be careful when using it.

What are the disadvantages of copper cookware?

One of the disadvantages of copper cookware is that it is prone to discoloration. Another disadvantage is that the rivets on the cookware can make it more difficult to clean. Additionally, copper cookware can be expensive compared to other materials.

Amoretti's Heritage

Family Matters


Amoretti Brothers is a copper cookware brand founded by a family raised in idyllic Turin, Italy. In Italy, they initially dreamed of establishing a company that could design and manufacture the best cookware brand, made by hands copper cookware sets through excellent craftsmanship. They moved to Mexico in 2002 to follow that dream and specialized in working copper and brass. In 2006, Amoretti Brothers was established. Starting with only a few products and big dreams, Amoretti Brothers has grown to have a factory that manufactures high-end copper kitchen tools and finely crafted best cookware copper.

Between Mexico, USA & Italy. A story of design and craftsmanship.


Amoretti Brothers have a vision: that design and craftsmanship are intimately related. The utmost harmony between these two principles results in premier copper products with solid personality, style, and innovation. This is the philosophy that drives their top-notch copper craftsmanship. 

Production and distribution.


In 2009, Amoretti Brothers built its workshop on 3 hectares of virgin land near the Monarch butterfly biosphere. This scenic location became home to 2,000 square meters of space that serves as their workshop, archives, office, factory store, and living space for workers and visitors. In addition, they control the design, production, and worldwide distribution of all their handmade copper chef cookware with tin coating.


The “green” spirit of the Amoretti brothers lives on in its use of only high-quality natural materials and their investment into Tlapujahua’s community. Amoretti believes in equal opportunity; hence they hire similar numbers of male and female local artisans. Through these business practices, they strive to create custom, premier copper products for you while supporting those who made them and protecting the natural environment.

The Art of Craftsmanship


Amoretti Brothers produce high-quality custom metal products for the kitchen and bathroom. Since 2006, Amoretti has been the proud partners of leading designers and architects in creating custom architectural metal products for the most exclusive properties worldwide. They offer a full range of services to meet your functional and aesthetic needs. Amoretti provides design, product development, and production. From custom range hoods in copper or brass to wall covers, furniture, or special objects, they are always up to the challenge. Turn your vision into reality by building a custom project with Amoretti Brothers!

Copper Patina Finish and Special Finishing  Amoretti Brothers offer exclusive and unique handmade metal finishing and patinas representing the best creativity and quality in metal craftsmanship. Please browse through Amoretti's catalog of finishing to decide which one works best for your space. It's Amoretti's mission to help you select the best design choices for your area. They aim to make sure you make informed decisions that guarantee each tailored product is exactly to your specifications. Amoretti Brothers strive to give you maximum satisfaction with an exquisite product of Italian craftsmanship. 

Copper Hammered Cookware at Clear Givings Market / Amoretti Brothers


hammered pots and pans

The “flower” set consists of 11 pieces of copper cookware. Each piece of this hammered copper cookware set is handmade by Amoretti's expert artisans, bringing the magic of the Amoretti Brothers' craftsmanship to your kitchen.


saute pan with flower lid

Designed in Italy and handmade in Mexico, this is the most beautiful saute pan you’ll ever see. Every piece is individually crafted by master coppersmiths from shiny copper, decorated with a hammered pattern applied to the inside and outside of each piece by hand.


serving pan - copper

The large copper serving pan and roasting pan are handmade with solid recycled copper and tin-lined on the cooking surface. Great to serve a Thanksgiving turkey or lasagna for your loved ones.


Stock potBeauty, quality, and sustainability meet with the 20 qt. Stock pot featuring an exquisite flower lid design. Made with hand-hammered, recycled 2mm copper, expert coppersmiths craft this stock pot.


pan for paella

Italian craftsmanship meets Spanish flavor with this 19” pan for paella. Made by hands from hand-hammered copper, this solidly built paella pan is designed to withstand the most demanding kitchen environments – all while staying visually striking.


copper serving tools, metal utensilsA fantastic set of 4 serving metal utensils is handmade with solid, hammered copper.


copper frying pan

Hand-hammered to perfection by expert coppersmiths, the 12.5” copper frying pan is a chic cooking staple.


hammered copper cookware

Delivery in 3 Weeks

Everything you could possibly need for your kitchen, and an excellent collection of hammered solid copper cookware with this signature cast-bronze standard lid.

Amoretti Brothers pans are an investment for generations.

The 9-piece set contains the following items: 0.8-quart cocotte with lid, 4-quart rondeau/casserole pan with lid, 10-quart dutch oven pan with lid, 11-inch frying pan, and 10qt stock pot with a lid.

Hand-forged with 2 mm hand-hammered copper, these pans are tin lined on the cooking surface with a double layer of tin to guarantee extra durability during the years. 

Technical information

copper: 2 mm 

texture: hammered copper- polished

handles & lid: cast bronze 

interior: double layer of tin for extra durability 

rivets: copper

Choose Clear Givings Market / Amoretti Brothers for sustainable, ethical copper chef cookware.

Sustainability practices are Clear Givings Market / Amoretti Brothers' forte. When you purchase Amoretti Brothers copper pots and pans sets, you're not only getting eco-friendly and sustainable cookware, but you're also supporting ethical employment connections. Clear Givings Market / Amoretti Brothers offer great gifts to inspire you and your significant other, friends, and family. 

Treat yourself now, check out Amoretti Brothers at Clear Givings Market! We love how Amoretti Brothers are revolutionizing the cookware copper industry and making a sustainable difference. Each purchase has a positive impact, providing life-changing employment in areas that lack resources.

Enjoy your purchase with a purpose at Clear Givings Market!