Wireless Dual Pad

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Charcoal Grey

Eco-Friendly Textiles

Made with a blend of organic hemp and recycled plastic, our fabric finish provides a soft, yet durable place to comfortably rest your device while charging.

Optimized For iPhone & Samsung

Designed to provide up to 10W of reliable power for all wireless charging compatible iPhone and Android smartphones. Includes built-in thermal management for a safe, efficient charging experience.

Fast-Charging Wireless Technology

Adopting the highest wireless charging standards, all Nimble wireless pads use advanced circuitry, delivering power at the optimal charging speed for your device.

One-for-One Tech Recovery Project

Every product includes a recycled plastic bag so you can responsibly recycle your old tech for free, helping close the loop on electronic waste.

Plastic-Free Packaging

Made from recycled paper that's biodegradable with no harmful chemicals or dyes. even the labels are printed with water-based inks.