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Wild Superfood Lip Drops w/ Plumping Tri-Peptides

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Our powerfulsuperfoodblendwithPequi, Tomato andGeraniumisrich intri-peptides,antioxidants, vitamins and fatty-acids to provide a luxurious lip treatment thatmoisturizes,plumps, soothes and seals with a luscious glossy finish that will last for hours at a time Our one of a kind, bio-degradable,  vegi-cap is easy to apply and carry with you. 

Key Ingredients: Pequi Oil– Pro-Vitamin A, Oleic Acids - Moisturizes. Biomimetic Tripeptides– Plumps, Stimulates Collagen. Wild Tomato  Extract– Rich in Lycopene, Provides Powerful Antioxidant Protection. Geranium Oil – Soothes. Tocopherol Acetate– Vitamin E Derivative, rich in antioxidants – Provides Moisture to Skin’s Horny Layer (the outer part of the epidermis consisting of layers of dead flattened non-nucleated cells filled with keratin).