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Green Guru Gear

Upshift Frame Bag

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The Perfect Fit: Triangle Bike Frame Bag

The Upshift frame bag works great on most bikes to give that space when on a trek out & about, around town, on dirt, or that long road trip. Stash your personal belongings for your daily ride or your next bikepacking trip.

Note: Each one is made with upcycled nylon, so colors and prints will vary.  You can request colors in the special instructions field during checkout and we'll try our best to match your request.

Sewn of upcycled and recycled fabrics in the USA.

Check out our different styles:

WILD will be a variety of 420D-600D Packcloth in random colors made from salvaged industrial tents and awnings.

EARTHTONE will be 420D-600D Packcloth in browns, greens and black salvaged from factory scrap.

CAMOS will range in styles salvaged from other factories. 

ECOPAK Sail Cloth is available in a limited edition White, Orange, Pink, and Purple. These bags are made from EcoPak which is made from 100% recycled polyester fibers from plastic bottles. It is laminated and rainproof, so we added high-quality YKK Waterproof zippers only in this style for the highest performance option.   

If you have an oversize frame, just add our extension straps

Built-in Colorado - Made in the USA - Limited Lifetime Warranty


Hauler Seat PackFatty Handle Bar Bag     


  • Universal hook & loop mounting straps

  •  Easy access main zipper pocket


 Upcycled Color Fabric                                                                                                 Upcycle Ecopak Fabric                                                                                               Hook & Loop                                                                                                             Nylon Teeth with Zinc Zipper.



15 L x 9 H x 2.5 D in.

381 x 228.6 x 63.5 mm


168.7 cu in.

2.7 L


4 oz.

113.4 grams 

Gravel Bike Frame Bag: Conquer Any Terrain

Venturing into the rugged terrains requires the right gear, and the mountain bike frame bag ensures every cyclist's essentials are safely tucked away. Designed to withstand rough trails and unpredictable weather, the mountain bike frame bag is not just a storage solution; it's a companion on every adventurous ride. On the other hand, the road bike frame bag merges aerodynamics and convenience. Lightweight and streamlined, the road bike frame bag is ideal for those long stretches of smooth asphalt, making every ride a breeze.

For riders who traverse mixed terrains, the gravel bike frame bag offers a balance of durability and adaptability. From loose gravel paths to forest tracks, the gravel bike frame bag adjusts and protects. Lastly, efficiency is redefined with the triangle bike frame bag. Perfectly fitting into the bike's frame, the triangle bike frame bag utilizes every inch of space, ensuring easy access and better weight distribution. Dive into a world of cycling, knowing these bags have got every journey covered.