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Truffle Lover's Bundle

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Dive Into Decadence: Savini Tartufi Truffle Gift Set Awaits

Italian Truffle Lovers Unite!

We have packaged together some of Tuscany’s finest and most luxurious truffle products to allow you to enhance the flavor of almost any plate of Italian food with the salty, buttery flavor of the famous Italian truffle.

As they say, variety is the spice of life—and that's exactly why we love this gift bundle featuring our bestselling truffle zest and meal kits.


This set is perfect when you want to make an easy Italian meal at home. Equipped with flavorful truffle varieties made by hand with the quality Italian craftsmanship. Use as a  flavorful compliment for everyday meals, or add a final dash of gourmet touch to any savory dish – guests are sure to be impressed. 

Explore the depth of flavors with this curated truffle gift set, a luxurious journey to the epicurean heart of Italy. Encased in our beautifully designed wooden packaging, this set offers a sensory experience that goes beyond taste, transforming each meal into an exquisite culinary delight.

From 1920 until today, Savini has worked with great care for their hillsides, bringing the exquisite taste of Tuscan truffle to everyone. A story of courage and patience allowed the brand Savini Tartufi to become an important qualitative landmark in the world of truffle.

Savor The Luxury: Savini Tartufi's Finest Truffle Gift Set

Indulging in the luxurious taste of truffles is an experience every gourmet enthusiast cherishes. Enter the Truffle Lover's Bundle, a meticulously curated truffle gift set designed to tantalize the taste buds and immerse one in the rich, earthy flavors that only the finest truffles can provide. Each truffle gift set item in this bundle promises to deliver a unique taste sensation, be it infused oils, decadent sauces, or the truffles themselves.

The art of gifting is elevated when it's a truffle gift set, resonating with sophistication and a promise of unparalleled flavor. Whether you're treating a food lover or introducing someone to the exquisite world of truffles, this Truffle Lover's Bundle ensures a memorable gastronomic journey. With every truffle gift set, the recipient gets a taste of luxury and the timeless allure of one of nature's most sought-after delicacies. Dive into this epicurean adventure and let the symphony of flavors unfold.