Tortilla Press Kit - Red Cast Iron with Servilleta

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The Essential Tortilla Basket for Your Taco Party

This is the best Tortilla Press for homemade Tortillas and making street tacos. Everyone Loves Tortillas. They’re easy to buy, but we’re obsessed with the homemade ones. Chewy in the middle, crispy edges, with a delicious slightly corn-y taste. They win brownie points at date night, themed dinners, and potlucks.  So easy to make with Mexican Tortilla Press.  Once you try it, you won’t go back to store-bought. Trust us on this. (This size is ideal for street tacos!)

Easy as pie
Mix equal parts masa corn flour (widely available in grocery stores) with water; make a golf ball-sized dough, put it in the press, and close it. Press once, rotate, and gently press again. Cook ~1 minute on each side. Then keep your tortillas warm in the included handmade servilleta napkin.

Instant street cred
We once gifted a tortilla press to friend Ben, who now takes the tortilla press to every Taco Tuesday and Mexican-themed night. Once he pulls out the tortilla press, all the ladies join him for tortilla-making. The tortilla press isn’t a puppy, but it’s close.

Made from recycled parts
The tortilla press is made in Mexico from old Singer sewing machines and other recycled irons. We chose to use cast iron because it gives you uniform, flat tortillas - and lasts forever. And we added some Verve Culture flare with a bright, FDA-friendly, lead-free paint that prevents rust, and won’t flake.

Diameter: 6.5''

Bring a touch of authentic Mexican charm to your home with gifts for taco lovers, a beautiful tortilla press designed to celebrate the art of taco-making. These thoughtful presents promise a journey through flavors and textures, transforming your kitchen into a vibrant taco station.

Taco Lovers Bundle: Complete with a Tortilla Basket

Take your culinary skills to the next level with the Tortilla Press Kit - Red Cast Iron with Servilleta. The star of the show, the red cast iron tortilla press, is sturdy and easy to use, designed to deliver perfectly round and thin tortillas every time. As an extra treat, the kit comes with a hand-woven tortilla basket that serves dual functions - adding an aesthetic touch to your kitchen and keeping your freshly made tortillas warm.

The tortilla basket, handcrafted from natural fibers, is a nod to traditional Mexican craftsmanship. It's not only functional, keeping your tortillas warm for longer, but also beautifully made, contributing to an authentic Mexican dining experience. The Tortilla Press Kit - Red Cast Iron with Servilleta is more than just a tool; it's a passport to exploring and celebrating the rich culinary tradition of Mexico right in your kitchen.

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