The Global Kidizen Collection

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Timeless Crochet Doll Craftsmanship

*This purchase is being made on a pre-order basis and will be delivered in Spring 2022*

Can’t decide WHICH doll to get?  Why not get them all?  Receive all 5 Global Kidizen dolls with this purchase and take your littles on an adventure around the world!  This package is sure to surprise & delight every member of the family.

Each Global Kidizen Doll is:

  • Hand-knit with love by Artisans in Peru, working within a certified fair trade organization
  • Made with 100% cotton yarn, using non-toxic, eco-friendly dyes
  • Accompanied by its own digital story, which can be accessed as a simple download – making it convenient to share from any phone, tablet or computer.   
  • Each story takes you & your littles on an adventure to discover new cultures, highlighting similarities while celebrating differences in a creative & engaging way
  • We work closely with partners from each country to bring the characters to life, creating authentic, kid-friendly stories about their cultures and communities.  
  • You can learn more about the Development Partners here.

Giving Back to support global communities is a core part of the mission.  

  • A donation is made with the purchase of every Global Kidizen doll.
  • Organizations receiving donations have been chosen by the partners in their home country and vetted for transparency
  • With the purchase of the Global Kidizen Collection, donations will be made directly to support communities in the countries represented by each doll.  The specific non-profit organizations receiving donations are highlighted on each Global Kidizen page.

*Knit Hearts sold separately.

The Ultimate Dolls Set Experience

Introducing The Global Kidizen Collection, a unique blend of craftsmanship and tradition. The Crochet doll, a standout piece in the collection, embodies meticulous detail, woven with passion and precision. Every Crochet doll is crafted with care, ensuring a texture that's as delightful to touch as it is to behold.

Diving deeper into the heart of the collection, the rag doll captures the essence of timeless elegance and childhood memories. Each rag doll has been designed with a rich history in mind, making it not just a toy but a keepsake. A fusion of vintage charm and modern aesthetics, the rag doll, like the rest of The Global Kidizen Collection, promises to be a cherished addition to any household or collection.

Every dolls set is meticulously designed with keen attention to detail, ensuring it's not just a toy but a treasure. The Global Kidizen Collection is more than just play; it's an experience. A dolls set from this collection doesn’t just sit on a shelf; it ignites curiosity, fosters understanding, and brings diverse stories to life in the hands of those who embrace them. So, why wait? Let each dolls set from The Global Kidizen Collection become a portal to a world waiting to be explored.

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