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Brave Soles

The Gladiadora Roman Style Sandals

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The classic leather gladiator sandals get a sustainable twist. Made of locally sourced leather.


Like those who have gone before her throughout the centuries, The Gladiadora is a badass combination of form and function. With numerous options of how you will wear them, the Gladiadora is able to take you from a day at the market to a night out on the town.

Wearing tight-fitting jeans and want some cute funky sandals to complete the look? Yep, the Gladiadora has got your footwear needs covered.

Thinking of wearing that whimsical flowery dress to the weekend bbq? The rumours are true: these shoes are the date that won't let you down.

(Plus, they always show up on time)



  • Handcrafted tire soles made from upcycled tires sourced in the Dominican Republic
  • No break in period "aka" instant comfort
  • Super cushy foam core mid-sole made from high quality foam to offer support and durability
  • Handmade leather footbed
  • Slightly raised heel for extra impact absorption
  • Handmade by artisan shoemakers in the Dominican Republic


The Gladiadora is like having multiple pairs of shoes in one. Wear them high or tie them around you ankles with a pretty bow.

This style is great for any width and length of foot.

It’s classic design makes it popular for those who love to show off their pedicures and feel like they are practically bare foot. The freedom across the top allows for those with thick feet or bunions to have the space they need.

This style is not recommended for those who need arch support or who don’t like something between their toes :)