The Camila Leather Flatform Sandal

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Color Black

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Leather Sandals: Craftsmanship Meets Contemporary Chic

Flat form leather sandals sustainably designed to bathe your feet in comfort and style!


The Camila is for the woman who knows what she wants. She loves trends, but she curates how she works them. The woman who will love these sandals loves having a go-to pair of sandals that are going to be incredibly comfortable all day long - all while feeling confident and pulled together.

Made from natural leather with an extra thick and cushy flat form midsole and our hand-cut tire sole, the Camila is on trend for style and on point for comfort.

Wear her with your new long skirt, your boyfriend jeans and those new shorts you've been waiting to have the perfect shoes to go with. She will rock them all with you.


  • Handcrafted with ethically sourced and fairly trade leather
  • Handcrafted tire soles made from upcycled tires sourced in the Dominican Republic
  • No break in period "aka" instant comfort
  • Super cushy foam core mid-sole made from high quality foam to offer support and durability, additional cushion compared to other Brave Soles' pieces
  • Handmade leather footed
  • Slightly raised heel for extra impact absorption
  • Handmade by artisan shoemakers in the Dominican Republic


This style is recommended for most feet, but the toe strap is meant to fit snugly for security. The leather strap will loosen and contour your feet, but may need some time to stretch.

The extra cushioning is great for those who will be on their feet for a long time.

It also works well for average to slightly wider feet or thicker feet from heel to the top of foot.

This style is not recommended for anyone who needs arch support or who has painful bunions, as the top strap may irritate them.

Embrace the ultimate comfort and sophistication with our leather sandals. Their timeless design and premium quality leather ensure they are not just a purchase, but an investment in lasting style and comfort.

Summer Sandals: Bask In Sunshine, Revel In Comfort

Meet The Camila Leather Flatform Sandal, a brilliant fusion of ethical shoes craftsmanship and avant-garde style. In a world where ethical shoes are increasingly in demand, The Camila stands as a beacon, ensuring every step taken is one towards a better future. Simultaneously, these sandals celebrate the philosophy behind eco shoes. With a design that resonates with eco shoes values, wearers can embrace both sustainable fashion and exceptional elegance.

As the temperatures rise, summer sandals become the footwear of choice for many. The Camila perfectly captures the essence of summer sandals, marrying comfort with a chic aesthetic that's sure to turn heads. For aficionados of genuine material, the leather sandals facet of this design brings an unmatched touch of luxury. As one of the most sought-after leather sandals in the collection, The Camila promises durability, style, and a timeless appeal that transcends seasons.

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