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A treatment cream for face, hands and body that hydrates, smooths, softens and soothes.   

Hydrating and nourishing treatment cream for face, hands and body. Made with the unique BiaComplex™ herbal formula, this cream is designed to treat dry, flaky or irritated skin and leave it silky smooth.

  • Restoring
  • Calming 
  • Softening 

Skin Types: All skin types 

Volume: 20mL or 75mL

Fragrance: Delicately herbaceous with hints of Immortelle

Made in: Ireland 

Key Ingredients:


Firms, Soothes

Brings moisturizing and soothing properties to dry or irritated skin; helps protect the skin.



Rejuvenates Skin

Has keratolytic properties that help shed the drier outer layers of the epidermis.



Viola tricolor

Retains Moisture

Creates a protective film to retain moisture and keep the skin hydrated.

Heart’s Ease


Protective Film

Keeps the skin hydrated by covering it with a moisture-retentive film.

Marsh Mallow:

Moisturizes, Protects 

Provides a soothing, protective gel that moisturizes dry, rough skin.

Marsh Mallow

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EWG ECO-Certified CO2 assessed PEFC Leaping BunnyVegan


Award Skincare 1 Award Skincare 3

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