Shroom Ring - 3mm

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Gemstone Rings For Women: Where Beauty Meets Brilliance

Conceived with stacking in mind, the Shroom ring is a unique design that pays a homage to our natural surroundings. Hand-crafted with 18-karat recycled gold, and featuring one bezel set, natural colored diamond. The Shroom setting rises 3mm, it's sure to fit in with your other stack rings.

Rings sold individually.

Diamond weighs approximately 0.19 carat.

Made in USA with imported materials. 

These diamonds are hand selected by Debra one jewelry piece at a time. As such, each piece is truly one of a kind. Diamond sizes, shapes, colors, and placement may vary from image pictured.

 In the event of a return, we offer credit toward an item of equal or greater value from the same brand. Customer is responsible for the difference.  We do not offer refunds. 

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