Serenity Rosewood - Silver

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Elegant Wooden Watches For Women

Serenity is the slimmest feminine design yet. With its low and curved profile, it provides comfortable wear and adds that extra stylish touch to any outfit. Serenity is classy, elegant and high quality. Its minimalist, uncluttered design promotes calmness, peaceful state of mind, simply serenity to its wearer.

-Sustainable rosewood bezel and dial
-Silver stainless steel case
-Sapphire-coated scratch-proof glass
-Citizen Miyota quartz movement
-100% genuine leather


Diameter: 36mm
Thickness: 6mm
Band Width: 14mm

Wood type
Rosewood is a premium beautiful wood, typically used for high-class furniture.  The products made from rosewood have a smoother surface. Beside furniture production, rosewood is used for musical instruments, boats, and flooring. It is also an important natural resource due to its essential oils, which has numerous health benefits.

Classic Charm: Womens Wood Watches

Introducing Serenity Rosewood - Silver, where nature's splendor meets modern elegance. Water resistant watches for ladies are an essential for the busy, modern woman, and with this model, you're not only protected against life's little spills but you're adorned in style. When it comes to womens watches, it's not just about functionality, but also about making a statement. Serenity Rosewood - Silver stands out, boasting the sophistication expected from the best watches for women.

Crafted meticulously with genuine rosewood, this timepiece celebrates the beauty of wooden watches for women. It's a symphony of craftsmanship and nature, making womens wood watches not just an accessory, but an expression of eco-conscious fashion. But beyond its aesthetic, it defines what luxury watches for women should be: a perfect blend of grace, functionality, and timeless design. For those in search of something beyond the ordinary, unique even among unique watches for women, the Serenity Rosewood - Silver is the epitome of luxurious timekeeping.

Serenity Rosewood - Silver is where timeless elegance seamlessly fuses with nature's grace. For women who value both style and functionality, this piece offers the assurance of water resistant watches for ladies, ensuring that daily adventures don't compromise the watch's integrity. In the vast landscape of womens watches, the Serenity Rosewood - Silver makes its mark by embodying the attributes of the best watches for women.

Every detail of this watch speaks to the artisanal craftsmanship that cherishes the aesthetic of wooden watches for women. This isn't just a timepiece, it's an ode to the intricate beauty of womens wood watches. Emanating sophistication, it resonates with the allure reserved for luxury watches for women. Diverging from the usual, it encapsulates what every woman desires: a watch that's as unique as her own story, setting her apart in a world of unique watches for women.

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