Pagua Bay Scent Coin

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A Symphony of Sensations: Sensual Candle Scents

Isle de Nature. A world where luxury and unspoiled nature are one in the same. And it all begins with our signature scent, Pagua Bay.

Inspired by the small island nation of Dominica in the West Indies, Pagua Bay combines the essence of the local bay leaf with native spices, florals and woods – providing a breathtaking, sensory journey where treetops meet ocean and subtle notes float on cool tropical breezes. 

Just a hint of the intoxicating blend is all you'll need to understand why Dominica is known as "Nature Island."


To fall in love with a scent, you have to experience it. We're thrilled to offer this scent sample. 

Each ceramic coin is hand-dipped in pure fragrance oil so you can experience the Pagua Bay fragrance in your home. Enjoy it on its own and apply the purchase price to a Pagua Bay luxury beeswax candle purchase.

How to use:

The Scent Coin is perfect for transforming any intimate environment (your living room, a drawer, your bathroom) into your own Isle de Nature escape. 

Ignite Passion With Sensual Candle Scents

When candles meet sensuality, the outcome is nothing short of breathtaking. Sensual Candle Scents blend the finest fragrances, designed to seduce the senses and set the stage for unforgettable moments. Each burn evokes a dance of aromas, luring you into a realm where every scent tells a story. Elevate your experiences, and let Sensual Candle Scents be the backdrop to your most cherished memories.

Evoke the magic of blooming gardens and meadows kissed by the morning dew with Floral Candle Scents. These enchanting fragrances transport you to a world where petals unfurl their essence, filling every corner of your haven with nature's own perfume. Whether it's the sweet allure of roses or the delicate whispers of lavender, Floral Candle Scents capture the essence of blossoms in their prime, offering a serene and refreshing ambiance every time you light them. Dive into this botanical experience and let the symphony of nature serenade you.

Men Gift Set: Luxury In Every Detail

Discover the aromatic masterpiece that is the Pagua Bay Scent Coin. Designed for men who value timeless elegance, the Men Gift Set for Pagua Bay Scent Coin offers an olfactory journey reminiscent of Pagua Bay's serene landscapes and balmy breezes. Each scent coin in this Men Gift Set is crafted to perfection, serving as a beacon of refined taste and style. Bestow this as a cherished gift or indulge in its luxury yourself; the Pagua Bay Scent Coin is bound to leave an indelible impression.

Evoke the memories of sun-soaked Pagua Bay with every waft of the Pagua Bay Scent Coin. The Gift Set for Women of Pagua Bay Scent Coin has been artfully curated to cater to the discerning tastes of contemporary women. Each scent coin in this Gift Set for Women captures the essence of Pagua Bay's pristine beaches and gentle waves, creating a seamless blend of nature and luxury. Ideal for those looking to transport their senses or gift a treasured experience, this set promises to be an aromatic delight.

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