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Kusum Cosmetics

Rejuvenation Serum

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Men’s Anti Aging Cream: Timeless Charm Revealed

About the product: 

Rejuvenation Serum contains vegan high molecular weight Hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance present in our body that keeps connective tissue together and therefore helps reduce visible signs of aging. Rejuvenation Serum further enhances its action by using Pro-Vitamin B5.

  • 74% Organic Contents.
  • 85% Plant-based Contents.
  • Dermatologically tested. 
  • Suitable for all genders.
  • 1 Oz (28 gm)


    Distilled water (Aqua), *Plant-derived Glycerin, **Vegan Hyaluronic acid (Sodium hyaluronate) serum, DL Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5), Non-GMO Lactobacillus ferment, Lactobacillus, **Coconut (Cocos nucifera) fruit extract, **Citric acid.

    Face Serum For Dry Skin: Revitalize And Quench

    Dive into the magic of Rejuvenation Serum, a unique blend combining the hydration powers of hyaluronic acid moisturizer with the intensive care of a face serum for dry skin. This serum not only replenishes the skin's moisture with the hyaluronic acid moisturizer component but also tackles dry patches, ensuring a soft, supple texture throughout the day. For those searching for a face serum for dry skin, Rejuvenation Serum emerges as the perfect answer, targeting flakiness and tightness with precision.

    Men too deserve skincare that caters specifically to their needs, and this serum doesn't disappoint. The men's anti-aging cream aspect fights signs of aging, making skin appear youthful and vibrant. Forget the days of searching for the perfect men's anti-aging cream; it's seamlessly integrated here. Moreover, for those with fluctuating skin types, this moisturizer for combination skin balances both oily and dry zones, providing even-toned and harmonious skin. The promise of Rejuvenation Serum is simple: a product that stands as an all-rounder, addressing multiple concerns with finesse.

    Meanwhile, balancing the ever-changing needs of combination skin is no easy feat. Yet, this serum excels as a moisturizer for combination skin, ensuring that both oily and dry zones get the attention they rightfully deserve. Whether it's the midday shine or the occasional dry patches, this moisturizer for combination skin harmonizes and rejuvenates. Choose Rejuvenation Serum for skin that feels as young and vibrant as your spirit, with every drop promising a journey towards flawless skin.