Pure Food REAL MEAL Replacement Powder: CHOCOLATE

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Unveiling The Power Of Brown Rice Protein

Finally, a meal replacement powder without added sugars, dairy, gums, fillers, or other junk. Pure Food REAL MEAL has 100% plant-based, nutrient-dense, real food ingredients. It can help you:

1. Save time. Take the guesswork out of eating and get time back to doing the things you want to do with your valuable time.
2. Build lean muscle and lose fat. You get 26 grams of organic plant-based protein with a digestibility score the same as whey, without the gas, bloating, and GI distress.

Elevate Your Diet With Brown Rice Protein

The MEAL Replacement Powder is an innovative blend, bringing together the nutritious power of Hemp protein and the digestibility of Brown rice protein. Hemp protein, known for its complete amino acid profile, ensures that you are fueling your muscles and overall health effectively. On the other hand, Brown rice protein, often favored for its hypoallergenic properties, provides a gentle yet efficient source of protein, especially for those with sensitive digestive systems.

Adding to this powerful duo is the inclusion of Pumpkin seed protein, a rich source of magnesium and zinc that contributes to muscle growth and recovery. Pumpkin seed protein also boasts a unique nutty flavor, complementing the earthy notes of Hemp protein and the subtle taste of Brown rice protein. When combined, these three proteins offer a balanced spectrum of nutrients, making the MEAL Replacement Powder a prime choice for those seeking a wholesome, plant-based protein boost in their diets.

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