Pure Food Plant Based Protein Powder: RAW CACAO - 512g Tub

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Discover Plant-Powered Brown Rice Protein

Pure Food's best seller and top-rated product for good reason. This chocolate protein is a plant-based, low carb (keto / Paleo-friendly), allergen-free nutritional supplement designed to help you get lean (or stay that way) and eat clean.

It contains everything your body needs for optimal performance and nothing it doesn’t (like gums, “flavors”, added sugars and other junk).

It pairs particularly well with bananas, berries, nuts, and seeds for all you smoothie lovers out there (we’ll send you a bunch of recipes for inspiration). Try it now—your body will thank you!

From Grain To Gain: Brown Rice Protein

In the journey to finding the perfect protein blend, hemp protein emerges as a top contender due to its well-rounded profile of amino acids and essential nutrients. On the other hand, brown rice protein has always been a favorite for its digestibility and energy-boosting properties. Merging these two together in the MEAL Replacement Powder ensures that every scoop is a step towards optimal health and wellness. Whether one is looking to build muscle, enhance workout recovery, or simply nourish their body, this combination of hemp protein and brown rice protein is the answer.

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