MAY11 Blonde Restoring Hair Oil

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Elevate Your Beauty Routine with Paraben Free, Silicon Free, and Sulfate Free Products

Restorative treatment for color-treated blonde and bleached hair made with 100% Organic, Pure, Vegan Oils.

A deep conditioning, lightweight formula made with key ingredients Rice Bran Oil and Kiwi Oil. The fast-absorbing blend efficiently works to moisturize, rehydrate, and strengthen color-treated hair from the inside out. Furthermore, castor oil’s natural sealing properties ensure long lasting protection, reducing split ends, hair breakage, and improving color vibrancy. Used as a pre-shampoo treatment, prevents hair from turning brassy.


Restore strength and softness
Prevents hair breakage
Improves color brightness

Restored, softer and brighter hair from roots to tips.

SIGNATURE SCENT: A modern, zesty and fresh signature scent. Notes of Cedar, Amber and Cucumber are layered with the natural brightness of Kiwi Oil, creating an aroma that transports you to sun-drenched lands. Scented with Premium Grade Fragrance Oils.

Indulge in Nourishment: Natural Hair Moisturizer and Scalp Moisturizer for Men

Embracing a beauty regimen that aligns with health-conscious standards has never been easier. When you opt for Paraben free, silicon free, and sulfate free solutions, you're choosing products that prioritize your skin's natural health and radiance. Moving away from chemicals, Paraben free, silicon free, and sulfate free formulas ensure that your skin receives gentle, effective, and pure care. With every application, breathe easy knowing that what you're using is void of harsh elements and full of natural goodness. So, for those seeking a skin-loving transformation, these Paraben free, silicon free, and sulfate free selections are the answer.

Dive into the wonders of Kiwi oil and treat your skin to a hydrating experience like no other. Sourced from the luscious kiwi seeds, Kiwi oil is a reservoir of essential fatty acids and antioxidants. This unique blend makes Kiwi oil an unparalleled choice for skin rejuvenation and elasticity restoration. Radiant skin is no longer a distant dream when you integrate the powerful properties of Kiwi oil into your daily routine. Offering a delicate yet effective touch, this oil brings a refreshing and nourishing experience to every drop.

The secret to vibrant, manageable hair lies in the right Hair moisturizer. Daily exposure to environmental factors can leave strands dry and lifeless, but with the transformative power of Hair moisturizer, you can replenish every strand with essential hydration. Not only does it work to combat dryness, but a premium Hair moisturizer also ensures improved texture, leaving hair feeling soft, silky, and undeniably smooth. As the foundation for healthier hair, incorporating this moisturizer into your regimen promises a mane that's both beautiful and resilient.

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