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Oxygen 35: Unrivaled Black Backpack

Base Material: 900D GRS Certified - Post-consumer recycled polyester

Size: 20.7"x13.7"x8.9"

Weight: 3 lbs

Capacity: 30 liters

The Epicenter

The heart of it all. The epicenter is the main access point for all pieces in The OG line. Loaded With a top-loaded, theft-deterrent design, the epicenter is secured with dual zippers at its access points and a single Woojin magnetic clasp, ensuring quick, easy access for you, and difficult access for thieves. The inside of the epicenter is polar fleece-lined, created a soft, protected space for valuables. The epicenter also houses organizational and wireless charging pockets. This space provides access points to tunnel wired earbuds and charging cables throughout the bag. 

USB A/C Connector + Charging Port 

OG 35 has a USB A/C built-in connector to allow both internal and external charging, along with a water-resistant exterior USB A/C charging port. The charging port sits hidden, underneath the XACT “X” logo metal plate atop the bag, allowing a garage-style retractable cover over the port when it’s not in use. 

Wireless Charging Pocket

The integrated wireless charging pocket is designed for the placement of a wireless charging battery (XACT brand or other), allowing your phone to successfully charge while safely secured inside the bag’s epicenter. The pocket is built with Tech Mesh expandable technology, ensuring the snug fit of both the battery and your phone.

Cable Tunneling

All of The OG line products are technology intended. OG 35 has 2 cable tunnel compartment pass-throughs, allowing cables to run internally with no fuss or tangling.

Main Storage Compartment

This is the largest compartment of OG 35. Its dual zip, deep opening creates easy access to all of your day-to-day adventure items. The padded laptop compartment has its own external zip enclosure, discreetly fitting up to a 15.6” device. Unique to OG 35, the bag is equipped with an additional padded sleeve for tablet and notebook storage. 

Side Tech Pocket

The tech-enabled pocket is dedicated to all things technology. With cable tunneling from the battery in your epicenter to this designated pocket, you’re able to charge and store larger technologies safely and securely. Think Kindles, iPads, Nintendo Switch, and the like. Designed for easy-access storage while tucked away in the aircraft’s overhead bin, you’ll be able to access all of your most-needed items, without endlessly digging through your bag.

Hydration Pocket

We’re all about water. What we’re not all about? Water bottle pockets that bulge and expands as you tuck your bottle into its place. The lycra-made hydration pocket is an inward expanding water bottle station, allowing the bag to absorb the space of your water bottle, not the person next to you.  This pocket is sure to keep leaky bottles away from the dryness of all other bag contents. We’ve crafted a sleek, clean design that doesn’t take away from your hydration or your style, but that adds to the overall functionality and finesse of your travel. This pocket is designed for high accessibility and no-fuss access while placed in your aircraft’s overhead bin or under the seat in front of you. 

Stash Pocket

Perfect for all the little things you just don’t have a place for. The stash pocket is designed for all the odds and ends you need to tuck away and keep safe. Secured by a single Woojin magnetic clasp enclosure, OG 35’s stash pocket touts both safety and functionality. Engineered with TSA lines in mind, the stash pocket is designed to quickly secure items you’re required to place in a bin and on the belt -- without the fuss.

Comfort Straps + Handles

Each strap is reinforced and padded, providing maximum comfort regardless of load. An adjustable sternum strap is present to balance the load and give additional support. OG 35 has 2 reinforced carry handles, providing multiple sturdy carrying options. 

Magnetic Landing Pads

Each strap has a built-in magnetic landing pad, perfect for clinging onto your earbuds. Whether you’re about to order coffee and want to give the barista the attention he deserves, or you’re listening to an announcement as you walk through the airport towards your gate, simply place your earbuds on your strap for a quick pause of tunes, and the magnetic lined landing pad will cling to them while you get on with your task. You’ll know XACT where your earbuds are at all times -- without the hassle. 

Magnetic Closure Cable Hideaway

The magnetic closure cable hideaways are built into the bag straps and are designed to hide your earbud cables and keep you detangled. Cables can be run internally throughout all of the bags, and once they’re external, they’re discreetly hidden by the integrated magnetic closure hideaways. Each strap has a magnetic flap that wings open, allowing the placement of the cable between two magnetic strips embedded in the flap. This ensures cables stay put, and don’t keep you from getting on your way. 

Easy Roller Luggage Passthrough

Along the back panel of each OG 35 bag is a built-in luggage passthrough. This added detail provides greater bag functionality, enabling OG 35 to be securely placed atop standard roller luggage on the go. This luggage passthrough design is unique to OG 35, making it easier to carry your bag between all the legs of your journey.

Superior Material

The bags are both sourced and manufactured from 100% sustainable and renewable materials. The exterior is reinforced with TPU weather resistant coating, ensuring that you’re ready for any adventure -- no matter the season. We’ve created a custom-curated jacquard woven design (XACTknit™) that wraps around the outer pocket panel, giving OG 35 the sleekest look for every outing, every day.


We’ve selected top-notch hardware manufacturers, using Woojin magnetic clasps and custom YKK zippers and pulls. The woven zipper pulls are 100% recycled. Each bag is equipped with a detachable key ring clip, ensuring safe placement and finding of your keys both on your travels and when you arrive home.

Black backpack

Oxygen 35 is not just another black backpack; it's a blend of sophistication and durability that stands out in any setting. This black backpack, tailored for those with an eye for elegance, combines aesthetic appeal with the utmost functionality, ensuring all your belongings are safe and accessible. When it comes to travel backpack for men, the Oxygen 35 surpasses expectations. Every compartment is thoughtfully designed, keeping in mind the unique requirements of men on the go. Whether it's a business trip or a weekend getaway, this travel backpack for men ensures comfort and convenience.

For the modern woman traveler, finding the perfect blend of style and practicality can be challenging. Oxygen 35 addresses this by being the quintessential travel backpack for women. It effortlessly matches any outfit, ensuring you look chic while navigating through airports or exploring a new city. Additionally, this travel backpack for women offers compartments and pockets tailor-made for essentials, making organization a breeze. Dive into new adventures with Oxygen 35 - your reliable travel companion.

Unveiling the ultimate companion for all your adventures, the Oxygen 35. Specifically designed as a black backpack 3/30000, it embodies resilience, style, and practicality. Featuring a durable, abrasion-resistant material, this black backpack 3/30000 is built to withstand extreme conditions, while offering a sleek aesthetic appeal. Whether you're traversing the bustling city streets or conquering the rugged mountains, the Oxygen 35 is crafted to complement every journey.

Tailored to the needs of the modern man, the Oxygen 35 isn't merely a travel backpack for men 0/8200. It's an organizer, a survival tool, and a testament to robust design. With its ergonomic structure and ample storage compartments, this travel backpack for men 0/8200 makes packing and accessing your essentials a breeze. Similarly, the Oxygen 35 is the perfect travel backpack for women 12/5800, offering the same ergonomic design and storage solutions but with an added touch of elegance. Its adjustable shoulder straps and lightweight design make it a comfortable travel backpack for women 12/5800, ensuring it sits perfectly on your shoulders for long durations.

The Oxygen 35 is your trusty companion, catering to the needs of all adventure enthusiasts irrespective of gender. It blends practicality with style, making it an ideal backpack for anyone looking to add a touch of elegance to their adventurous side. Trust the Oxygen 35 to carry you through your journeys, providing comfort, durability, and a sense of style every step of the way. 


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