Mkali Dusty Rose Sandal

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Step into Comfort: Strappy Sandals Collection


Mkali (Mm-Kal-Ee), our classic sandal means "strong" in Swahili. Now available in a Dusty Rose! Minimalist and classic, this women's sandal helps you move through life with ease. These handcrafted beaded leather sandals are ethically made in Kenya. 


Your heel may be at the very edge, but will move forward as the leather straps break in. Pull the straps back and move your foot forward for the best fit. These gorgeous sandals have traveled a long way and get more comfortable as you wear them.


Leather Upper & Rubber Sole (.25 inches)

These handcrafted beaded leather sandals are ethically made by 36 women and 6 men in coastal Kenya. Our artisans are paid 50% above industry standard and we send our artisans' children to quality private schools in the area.

Experience Luxury: Leather Sandals for Women

In the realm of eco shoes, the Mkali Dusty Rose Sandal stands apart, offering not only a minimal environmental footprint but also a beautiful design that can uplift any outfit. When you slip into these sandals, you're making a statement about your commitment to the environment, joining a growing movement of individuals who opt for eco shoes to protect the planet. Not only are these sandals eco-friendly, but they're also crafted with aesthetics in mind, resulting in a stunning dusty rose hue that can complement any wardrobe.

Now, let's talk about the distinctive design feature of these eco shoes: the strappy sandals aesthetic. Embracing a timeless summer look, strappy sandals like the Mkali Dusty Rose Sandal let your feet breathe while also adding a stylish touch to your outfit. The design is versatile enough to dress up or down, which is one of the advantages that strappy sandals bring to the table.

But the advantages of the Mkali Dusty Rose Sandal extend beyond being part of the eco shoes category and the stylish strappy sandals design. One of the main attractions of these sandals is that they fall into the much-loved category of leather sandals for women. With their superior comfort and durable construction, leather sandals for women are renowned for offering an excellent mix of luxury and longevity.

Finally, the Mkali Dusty Rose Sandal proves that leather sandals for women can be environmentally conscious, beautifully designed, and incredibly comfortable. You will love the feel of the genuine leather against your skin, the look of the fashionable straps on your feet, and the knowledge that your choice of footwear is contributing to a more sustainable world.

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