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Vi Bella

Maple Necklace

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The large bead on the Maple Necklace is made of two bottle caps end to end and covered with paper mache.  We collected bottle caps on beaches in Haiti to turn discarded trash into treasure.  With a soft Haitian leather strap and tassel and a single Haitian clay bead, this necklace will be a constant reminder of the lives being changed because of employment through Vi Bella.  


Best Friend Necklace: Celebrating a Bond Beyond Words

The Friendship necklace shines bright, symbolizing the deep bonds, mutual trust, and countless memories shared between friends. Every detail resonates with the laughter, adventures, and heart-to-heart conversations that true friends cherish, making it a perfect emblem of enduring camaraderie.A celebration of genuine connections, the Friendship necklace beautifully captures the essence of shared dreams, mutual support, and moments that friends treasure for a lifetime. Each shimmer is a testament to the unwavering bond that true friendship fosters.

The Story of Shared Moments: Sisters Necklace

A masterpiece in its own right, the Best Friend necklace is a tribute to that one person who stands beside you through life's highs and lows. Every sparkle echoes the shared secrets, dreams, and unparalleled bond that define the relationship with a best friend.
The Best Friend necklace, with its exquisite design, encapsulates the unique bond of trust, love, and shared adventures. Every facet shines with the memories, laughter, and countless shared moments that make having a best friend a priceless treasure.

Memories Intertwined: The Sisters Necklace Journey

 The Sisters necklace, masterfully crafted, embodies the strength, love, and intricacies of a sisterly bond. With each gleaming facet, it mirrors the shared secrets, giggles, and unwavering support that define sisterhood. This necklace serves as a constant reminder of a connection that transcends time and challenges, highlighting the beauty of shared memories.Drenched in sentiment and elegance, the Sisters necklace is a tribute to life's shared chapters, spontaneous adventures, and heartfelt conversations. It's a tangible reflection of the joy, comfort, and unspoken understanding that only sisters share. A piece that resonates with the warmth and depth of sisterly love.

Best Friend Necklace: Celebrating Soul Connections

Crafted to perfection, the Friendship necklace stands as an ode to enduring bonds, shared dreams, and unconditional support. Its delicate design signifies the countless moments of joy, shared challenges, and mutual respect that friendship nurtures. It's not just an accessory; it's a testament to connections that uplift and inspire.The Friendship necklace, with its refined elegance, encapsulates the essence of timeless bonds, shared laughter, and heartwarming memories. Every shimmer signifies the trust, understanding, and genuine care that real friendships offer. A beautiful emblem of relationships that truly matter.

Sisters Necklace: Chronicles of Shared Dreams

The Best Friend necklace is a radiant representation of a bond that's unparalleled. Designed with precision and emotion, it captures the essence of shared confidences, mutual support, and countless adventures. Each sparkle serves as a tribute to that one friend who knows you inside out and stands by you no matter what.Exuding grace and deep sentiment, the Best Friend necklace mirrors the soul of a connection that's both deep and enduring. Every curve and detail is a nod to the shared stories, laughter, and unwavering loyalty that best friends cherish. It's more than a necklace; it's the story of two hearts in harmony.